Odds calculator incorrect with bombardment

  • In World war II Global 1940 2nd Edition the odds calculator has errors with bombartment (amphibious battle).
    I have noticed it since long, but finally played around with it.
    1 infantery + 1 cruiser gives 95% win against one defending infantery.
    1 infantery + 1 fighter gives 90% win against one defending infantery.

    But the cruiser can fire only once, but that fighter every round.
    Ticking or unticking "Battle is Amphibious" does no difference.
    It seems to me the odds calculator does not take into account that ships only can fire once.


  • Admin

    @rickard-liljeberg I believe this bug was fixed already. Can you try downloading the latest version ( if you don't have it already from here and retesting: http://triplea-game.org/download/

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