'movementLimit' does not take in account 'isAir' abilities

  • This was pointed out by @General_Zod while he was playing US: A:
    During NCM units with 'isAir' could fly over a territory that contained the maximum of enemy units, but could not fly over a territory the contained the maximum of friendly units.

    Was wondering if while flying over the friendly territory could be treated like a enemy territory, and have the '!' stating that it could not land there, but could still move over the territory to get to another friendly territory.


  • Moderators

    Yeah would be nice if the air unit validation didn't take this attribute ("movementLimit" for playerAttachments) into consideration until the player tries to click done for CM or NCM. Only then giving a prompt, if the player tries to end the CM or NCM phase while in a territory that is over the stacking limit set by "movementLimit".
    The message displayed currently is "Units can not go over stacking limit". If air tries to fly over.

    This is most likely gonna need to be a feature request, unless you wanna break other parts of the logic using triggers.

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