A couple issues with zombieland map

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    I was trying the zombieland map a bit for some fun, and noticed a couple things:
    first, I couldn't get paratroopers to work. the US army is supposed to be able to; and when I click on it says it loads the plane, but it refuses to ever carry them more than 1 province; so I can't get them to paradrop. I don't know if i'm doing something wrong, or if it's just issues with the map being old or what.
    I tried using another map with paratroopers and it worked fine there.

    second issue: not really worth mentioning on its own, but it just seems weird that the US bombers can strat bomb; thus reducing the production capacity of territories. Then the zombies can spend PUs to repair the territories to enable production.
    strat bombing doesn't seem like it'd work; and zombie repairing the factories just feels odd.

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    @zlefin Yeah zombies making repairs seems even stranger than zombies existing. ūüėČ

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