Showing Game Options Changes In Game History

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    Showing Game Options Changes In Game History

    I suggest having the not default game options showing up in game's history, at start of the game or in the moment they are changed, in the course of it; as well as a written line for Play-By-Forum (just like all stuff recorded in history is).

    Looking at this:

    @wirkey tells "default option" at the first post.
    I think it would be good if the Turn Summary for the game itself reports any options changes (those being not left set as default).
    I'm not sure if it would be better to add the info at the start of any Turn Summary, or only the first time it was changed (the first turn summary of the game, if changed before starting it).

    On the other hand, it would be good if, when a default option is changed, at start game or in the course of it, that is recorded with a line in game history.
    That way, in games like WAW having a lot of options, you don't have to memorise everything and check if your opponent changed any settings from default, but you just need to go check the game history.

    Generally speaking, I think that game options changes should be recorded in game history, thus being able to exactly know frown what point to what point any options was or was not enabled, for the specific game.

    Side note, it may also help mapmakers and anyone working on map changes to have an idea about what options are popularly used, by looking at the PBF threads (especially in the moment you are thinking to chop out some options).

    I'm not particularly interested in this myself, and I guess it is not really important, but I thought about it, and so here it is the feature request, if anyone thinks it may be good to tackle. Nevermind if nobody is bothered; I don't really know.

    It did happen to me sometimes that my opponent would put up some options without telling, and I would miss it until it mattered, but I guess I would have missed it also if recorded in history.

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