Make Default for adjusting map options isn't applying to the last played map on startup

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    I'm using v .9862 on a windows machine
    to reproduce:
    first note that at present in the 270bc map the standard options for the map use dice instead of LL (i.e. if you go to map options and select reset
    step 0: use the reset button to reset the settings for the map
    step 1: turn on low luck for dice. (in the map options screen)
    step 2: click the make default button
    step 3: close tripleA
    step 4: open tripleA again
    step 5: When you load tripleA; the map selected for purposes of the map options button, and for start local game will be the last one you had selected, in this case 270bc. look at the map options, it will show the options for 270bc, and it will show that it is using dice rather than LL.
    You can verify this by starting the game, and it will indeed be using dice rather than LL.

    so it is not applying the setting chosen with "make default"

    if you instead, after step 4, choose "select map" -> "270 bc" -> "ok" then look at map options, it will show LL being set as it is supposed to be.

    so when you use Make Default to change the default settinsg you use for a map; it will load them when you use "select map"; but it fails to load them for the last played map that is autoselected when the application opens.

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