Transport Casualties Restricted for air & land

  • It would be nice to have land and air transports (strictly transport units ie; truck or airtransport) not be used as fodder like the sea transports can.

    Maybe if "Transport Casualties Restricted" is enabled, then all isLandTransport & isAirTransport should get same treatment as long as attack and defence are both zero.

  • Admin

    @mahks So generally, I don't really like how that property works as its kind of a hack. I'd prefer to expand support for isInfra instead as its a better model. "isInfra" really just means it has 0 hp and either is killed/captured if battle is lost. @Hepps was able to use it in a number of ways in Total World War. All depends exactly what you are trying to do though.

  • That would do the trick for me.

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