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  • Rules says: "All players except for optional players require a capital"

    But in player element the switch "option" (capitol not required) is available.

    So does there still need to be a territoryAttachment for capitol if the player option = false?

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    @mahks Yes, unless anything changed recently, you need to have that true to not have a capital.
    Unless anything changed recently, Easy AI doesn't work (crashes) without capital.
    I've absolutely no idea why that is named so badly / confusing (why optional?) or why that option exists at all, instead of having the engine just handling players with no capital on its own. I've no idea why you would want to be able to set that true or false for a player having 1 or more capitals.
    Also, there are a few instances of "capitol" that should be changed to "capital", as "capitol" I believe is only the skin txt for where the capital flag is exactly located.

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    @mahks To answer directly, if the player option is false, you need 1 or more capitals. If the player option is true, you can have any number of capitals, thus only adding the possibility of having 0 capitals too (if I remember correctly and nothing has changed recently).

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    While on topic of capitals/capitols. The playerAttachment has two options for capitals as well.

    retainCapitalNumber   values: means that we do not lose our money if we still control at least this many of our capitals (defaults to 1). If a player has no playerAttachment, then it defaults to X, where X = total number of capitals (ie: you lose your money if a single capital is captured)
    retainCapitalProduceNumber   values: is similar to above, but only affect gaining income and producing units (probably should be less than or equal to retainCapitalNumber)	If a player has no playerAttachment, then it defaults to 1 (ie: you keep collecting and producing units so long as you control at least 1 capital)

    Also the territoryAttachment has a isCapital option.

    I only bring it up because it might be cool to make a quick reference or link to other areas that are related from within the right panes. Maybe a section at bottom named "other related links".

  • @general_zod The link / related thing is already in place. I have not got to playerAttachments yet, that is why those are missing.

    Added isCapital to links, thanks!

    isAir is an example of an object with some related links.

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    Yep my bad, I saw some without links, then I looked deeper into and see your on top of it. Nice!

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