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    @mahks Can you provide already functional examples from current XOB?

  • Did you see the template above?

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    @mahks Yes I see it, but it doesn't seem helpful as a learning tool without the corresponding examples. Unless I'm missing something.

  • Ah, sorry about that.
    Below is a completed record for a techAbilityAttachment.

    	,"desc":"Tech ability option"
    	,"params":{"value":"A colon delimited list, beginning with a unit name then a list of abilities"}
    		 "Unit gains abilities in the list."
    		,"Currently allows only canBlitz and canBombard."
    		,"Effects from multiple techs are added together."
    		,"This option may be cleared/reset by triggers if you want by prefixing with '-reset-'."
    		 "<attachment name='techAbilityAttachment' attachTo='destroyerBombard' javaClass='TechAbilityAttachment' type='technology'>"
    		,"\n\t<option name='unitAbilitiesGained' value='destroyer:canBombard'/>"

  • What I do is have both POS2 and my editor open side by side.
    I copy & paste the template (to save the template intact) in the editor.

    There are 5 areas that need to be dealt with:

    1. Trigger_Option_Name : Copy the option name in POS2 and paste into the 2 XXX_Trigger_Option_Name_XXX locations in the template.
    2. params : This is a definition of value (not an explanation of what it does) You need to select one of the boilerplate options or re-write one and delete all the others.
    3. info : This is the explanation of what it does. I take the comment from POS2 and usually chop it up into several lines. (look at the POS2 comment for unitAbilitiesGained, and the page for it in XOB to see the result) Extra lines may be added, empty ones deleted.
    4. example : The attachment name "XXX_example_XXX" needs to be edited as well as the XXX_value_example_XXX. The XXX_Trigger_Option_Name_XXX should have been pasted in step 1.
    5. links : Links can be added, they are case sensitive and may refer to anything in the XOB menu.

  • POS2 to XOB conversion is complete.

    XOB Update (has option to set favorites)

    I am sure there are lots of spelling, grammar and interpretation errors in it.
    Please report any found here and I will fix when I return to civilization (ETA September)

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    @mahks Looks pretty good. But September!?!? Going to Antarctica?

  • @redrum backwoods of British Columbia

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