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  • POS2 says "Make sure you cover all possibilities!"

    What happens if you don't?

    Does it mean there is no default relationship and the engine errors out?

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    edit: applies to relationshipTypes

    There are no unseen default relationships in the xml, however there are premade so called defaults relationships that can be used.

    But basically what they are getting at. Is if you make a complex diplomacy structure you need to have working logic for all possibilities if not it will just be messed up.

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    I'm looking further. You talking about the relationshipInitialize.

    For this actually, the default will be "default_war_relation" for all players not allied if nothing is specified.

    For allies will have "default_allied_relation". And the player named "Neutral" will have a "null_relation"

    The roundValue stuff is most likely setting relationships via game rounds. But not sure I never use more than 1 there.

    The alliances are specified in playerList.

  • My search does not find default_war_relation or default_allied_relation in POS2 where are they used?

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    They are not listed in POS2. If relationshipInitialize is omitted entirely, these values will default into game based on values for alliances in the playerList section.

  • Ah, got it, Thanks!

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