neuschwabenland flags mystery

  • For the map neuschwabenland, there are no flag images in the flag directory, or any other as far as I can see.

    Yet when you play that map there are nation flags shown in the round # box on the stats line and also on the map.

    What magic is this?

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    There is a default flags folder (and unit folders) that the engine can pull from if the map's folder is blank. They contain some images for commonly used countries.

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    @crazyg Correct, and not only for flags. TripleA comes with a full set of all required assets for a quantity of players and units. So, as long as your game has only those players and those units, you need no main assets at all.
    Tho, I'm not sure how much of that is wanted, or it is just a legacy item that just so happen not having been touched in the moment all preinstalled maps have been removed?
    Do the developers consider bad practice to duplicate assets in your maps that are available in the installation's assets (like if the map you mentioned would have those flags)?

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    To expand on above explanations. If the game located in C:\username/triplea/downloadedMaps/*gamename*/map is lacking an image or sound file. It will look in the following location. Which is the TripleA engine's installed location.

    The typical install location for the triplea engine and the "assets" folders are below.

    C:\Program Files/TripleA

    territoryEffects (this one is missing now?)

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