delegate term incorrect? - Resolved -

  • In the POS2 comments within <sequence> it refers to delegate several times where I think it means 'name'

    (default is true if delegate ends with "CombatMove" but not "NonCombatMove")

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    Technically "delegate refers to both lines below.

     <delegate name="purchase" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.delegate.PurchaseDelegate" display="Purchase Units"/>
    <!-- The line above refers to the line below in via "purchase", and this tells game engine what phases (delegates) may be used in game. -->
    <!-- The  line in below refers to the line above in via "purchase", and this tells game engine what nation specific phases (delegates) are part of the game sequence. -->
     <step name="italianPurchase" delegate="purchase" player="Italians"/>

  • But there is no "NonCombatMove" delegate.

    Both the "...CombatMove" step & "...NonCombatMove" step use
    <delegate name="move" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.delegate.MoveDelegate" display="Combat Move"/>

    I think it is referring to the STEP name as in:
    <step name="russianNonCombatMove" delegate="move" player="Russians" display="Non Combat Move"/>

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    Correct, "CombatMove" and "NonCombatMove" (steps) use the same delegate at their core, (below) which is named delegate name="move". Additional behaviors are added to this core move delegate either via separate "step properties" or via hardcoded "step names" such as NonCombatMove.

    <delegate name="move" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.delegate.MoveDelegate" display="Any Move"/>

  • Just to be sure then, POS2 does mean 'name' not 'delegate'.

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    It looks like they use the term delegate loosely, but it will refer to either "delegate name" or "step name" since both are linked.

    Post the text in question, maybe then I can tell you specifically which they are trying to refer to.

  • It occurs in the <sequence> comments
    See under "For any "Move" delegate (such as MoveDelegate or SpecialMoveDelegate or etc):"

    combatMove = true/false do we have combat after this phase? this will affect movement validation and certain unit property recordings such as submerged, amphibious, etc. (default is true if delegate ends with "CombatMove" but not "NonCombatMove")

    I think it is referring to the step name
    <step name="chineseNonCombatMove" delegate="move" player="Chinese" display="Non Combat Move"/>

    the bold text above should read step name ends with

    Especially since there is no "NonCombatMove" delegate...

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    I agree, looks like those refer to the step names specifically.

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    Also in same sequence sections this line should read "step name" rather than just "name".

    <!-- It is very important that the "name" ends with the correct phrase, or else the game will not work properly.
    Please end with ("xx" = faction name): xxBid, xxBidPlace, xxTech, xxPurchase, xxCombatMove, xxBattle, xxNonCombatMove, xxPlace, xxTechActivation, xxEndTurn, xxPolitics, xxUserActions -->

  • Got it Thanks! đŸ‘đŸŒ

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