Global 1940 2nd Ed. Revised_Combat Move First

  • In the Combat Move First mod, is the Combat Move considered to be actually happening before the Purchase Phase or is it only for visualization purposes? I ask regarding Russia's turn 4 entry into war after it's Purchase Units phase, the cpu allows Russia to attack that turn even though the mod states that the combat move comes first (when Russia would still be at peace if following the mod's phase order), this seems like a contradiction. Any insight into this?

  • @drbrunch Hi dr

    It's mostly a personal preference thing. NWO uses it. Their reasoning was for when you have AAguns shooting at air units during flyovers in CM, you would know before purchase if you lost any air.

    As far as the mod goes, if it's RD 4, Russia can attack regardless of the phase order. Suppose the Game Notes could be updated to reflect that.

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