changeOwnership - Resolved -

  • In the POS2 comments for triggerAttachment changeOwnership, it says:
    "This will change the ownership of the territory, either directly or by conquering the territory (there is a difference)."

    What is that difference?

  • Moderators

    @mahks Well, this sounds like Veqryn knowing of some misterious secret and not wanting to tell, but I believe (or guess) it is just the wording. I don't think it is needed to explain what happens when you conquer a territory, as that is part of the basic rules, and there is a lot of stuff related to it.

  • @mahks
    I believe that it has to do with validation checks. If you set 'booleanCaptured' to true then factories and construction that are set to be destroyed when captured are destroyed. Leaving at false will not go through the validation checks for a captured territory.


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