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    Bad Points

    • Supply rules are so generous (10 areas to any factory, can trace through empty sea areas), that it rarely impacts the game.

    I think this is not a bad point but game's design. I think supply lines are meant to be next to limitless (and I guess they go up to 10 for limiting the amount of coding), and the aim of this feature is not much giving a maximum distance limitation from the nearest factory but, rather, representing the consequences of having your supply lines cut by the enemy.

    The technique used is interesting and could be applied to other scenarios.Given the nature of A&A, a limitless supply route is hard to cut, the most likely situations being a blockaded island or a nation that has lost its capital.

  • Name Iron Blitz 1939C US Stands Apart
    Description Alternate WW2 with US neutral but Britain & Russia prepared

    **Good Points

    • Tough, competitive scenario

    **Bad Points

    • The classic rules are not state of the art, especially bombing is overpowered.

  • Name WWIIv6 Factory
    Description A mod of the AA41 game

    Good Points

    • Low income and small number of units give the game an interesting puzzle-like quality
    • Balanced

    Bad Points

    • Small number of units and simplified rules limit options

  • Name Great Northern War
    Description 18th Century struggle for control of the Baltic

    Good Points

    • Interesting historical situation

    Bad Points

    • Sweden doesn't have a chance
    • No effort to show 17th century warfare. This is just A&A without planes or tanks.
    • No effort to show the political complexity of the struggle.

  • Name Dragon War
    Description Fantasy warfare

    Good Points

    • Differentiated players
    • Interesting unit art

    Bad Points

    • Resource requirements make building units hard, especially for AI
    • Players start at distance, limiting interaction.

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