Bad Mod on the Loose

  • Around 15 minutes before 5pm ET on 4/22/2017 a mod randomly muted me in the lobby. I was playing under the name The_Easter_Bunny and am best known as Ugly_The_Great. It appears to have been a 5 minute mute. Cernel, a well known mod, was actively monitoring the lobby at the time. He told me in a private lobby that he was confused as to why a mod muted me as there was no behavior against the rules. I logged back in with the name Abuse_of_Power and was promptly given a 24-hour ban, not mute, but ban. There were about 4-6 mods on at the time. Cernel had no issue with my name and wrote that, and all the other mods were silent. So whoever did it issued no warnings or anything, just boom mute, then ban out of the blue.

    The irony is I have seen other people in the lobby conduct them selfs in a way that was disruptive and against the rules and be given multiple warnings before "justice" was served. I guess the mod didn't want to name him'herself cause he knew I may make a post and would prefer to remain anonymous in light of his/her actions.

    TripleA, please find this bad apple of a mod and fix it.

  • Moderators Admin

    Just a clarification, since I've been referenced.

    I confirm I've not muted or banned anyone, on this occasion. I gave a boot on a name that I considered being against the rules (I just reported it).
    I privately (not in lobby) said that I didn't see anything to give a mute, right when he (privately) asked me why I muted him (which I didn't).
    But, now, rereading the log, I see that there has been a name calling ("dim witted"); so, I'm guessing that was the reason. I'm not seeing any warning given. To give some context, there was a whole bunch of flame going on, with him being called a liar and accused to say "bullshit", and a game ending in a not very sporty way.
    Just for clarification, regarding this complaint, it is not up to me or any other normal mods to decide anything, but to the leaders only (since no Council anymore); so, this is all from me, as I'm not actually involved, as a mod, with the muting or banning or even warning, nor my opinion on it has any relevance (I'll follow whatever the leaders decide, if anything).
    I didn't give any public (lobby/forum) consideration on what other mods did, nor I intend to.

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