Changing Political Relationships Before Starting Game...

  • I play Big World: Nekahnet's 1939 and like to change the countries. Problem: So far, I don't see an option to change the political relationships BEFORE I start the game, only at the beginning of the first human turn. So if I play ENG/JAP/USA (human) vs the rest, the Germans and Russians will fight each other until I am able to change the settings on my first ENG turn. Is there a way to change this?

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    @mariner2929 Actually, edit mode to change political relationship is not supposed to be used for that in the first place. You should make a mod (mapmaking stuff), if you want a different game (find the map, paste thee xml, edit it).
    Anyways, if you want to hack your way with edit mode, you can just start all human, edit what you want, save the game, load the game, change what you want to the AI you want, restart, enjoy.

  • Looks like that did it. Thanks!

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    @mariner2929 You can also create a custom diplomatic structure. However that requires some in depth xml knowledge.

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