Revised Tournament of Champions Season 13 (ToC 13)

  • Valter (Axis +8) defeats Hammond (Allies) in 14 rounds. Highlight of the game has to be the Japan imperial navy which spend good part of the game in the Atlantic ocean disrupting USA -> Europe supply chain. Allies were two turns away from entering Berlin when Japan made a breakthrough and threatened Moscow a turn earlier which caused Allies to regroup. Great game by hammond, a heart stopper for sure.

  • LouisXIVXIV (Axis,8) will progress as winner in a match against Barca, after 20 rounds. This game was a near-tie when it ended, perhaps with Barca in the lead, but he chose to resign to avoid playing a more hurried game over the next two weeks to meet the deadline. (If we get a surprise giant extension from Deltium, we may fight on.)

    Barca's allied play style was economic and conservative. IPC advantage was his priority at all times. For land units he almost always bought infantry. He was frequently moving guys back and forth to squeeze a few extra territorial ipcs for a turn or so. There were no obvious short-term tactical mistakes. He played both powers simultaneously (no KG or KJ) and would sometimes feint an attack against one or the other. He opened with a pseudo KJF. He bought complexes in India and Egypt. He was holding Africa against Japan by purely naval means in sz 34. In round 20 the UK had 6 ACs there.

    In round 20 Allies has abotu a 20+ipc/round advantage and a TUV adv of ~340 counting from the start of round 21.

    I believe there were two important weak points in the allied position: REDACTED. Barca and I may finish the game later so I can't spill the beans.

    I felt I made some errors very early esp regarding Africa, the German med navy, and Japanese moves thereabouts, though Barca's play there was excellent. Here is the game file: 0_1541377778778_LouisXIVXIV_Barca_1R_21.tsvg

    vgg Barca. I'm sure you'll continue to do well in the tourney.

  • Blacskull defeats Sneakingcoward (Axis +12) in 20 rounds by liberating Europe.

    The Germans started the game by building a strong navy preparing for a sea Lion thereby forcing the Allied to build a strong defense in London. However, after having secured London the Allied could turn their attention to the navy and gradually got the upper hand in the Atlantic forcing the Germans to join forces with the Japanese navy in the Indian Ocean. The red army used the situation to take a firm hold on the Western Front which secured enough resources to hold on to both Persia, East Russia, and to trade India/Trans-Jordan with the Japanese.

    In the end, the Japanese landed a massive invading forces being transported by around 25 transports (which was hiding in the Philippines throughout the game) in Alaska just as the combined Allied forces liberated Europe and secured an Allied victory.

    Thanks for a great game Sneaking, all those ships was really annoying all game long !


  • LouisXIVXIV (Axis,8) defeats Epinikion by resignation after 11 rounds of live play in I think 4 sessions.

    I was sharp and practiced after the 32 days of trench warfare with Barca, and had heard Epi is very good. So I was prepared for a focused game. Then there was the ongoing hail of wonderful axis dice. In combination these things proved lethal to the very skilled play of the allied powers.

    Epi played a great game, he's a great sport and very friendly. Good luck in the tourney Epi. Looking forward to our next game.

  • Undine (allies) defeats Ingcameroni (axis, 😎 after 14 rounds of pbem game. After 12 rounds balanced... 2 round of bad move and one mistake of Japan... the game was closed.
    Thanks for a Undine.. very strong player....
    0_1543325069130_TOC13_rev_ingcameroni_axis_vs_undine_14 jap.tsvg

  • Nasty Nate (Axis +10) defeats Blasherke due to the fall of Russia in the 13th round.

    UK countered in Egypt on UK1 but Japan came quickly and kept Germany alive in Africa til late rounds. The Americans went Atlantic and clashed with Japan over Africa for the entire game. Allies traded with Germany wherever possible including several attacks on Southern Europe from the US which cost a couple transports each time. A late effort to combine every allied unit in Western Europe fell short as Germany was able to counter and hold.

    Japan took every island early and continued to funnel a couple guys per turn into Africa to keep the British income low. Japan was finally able to push on Russia from both the north and the south and took caucuses. After a turn of building in the Caucuses for Japan, Russia fell.

    Game file is below.

    Great Game Blash!

    0_1543457098936_Blash J13.5.tsvg

  • The judges decide that sol (axis +9) proceeds as winner against Deltium after 18 rounds pbem in a game with much action in various parts of the map. Summary:

    • Axis get lucky R1 when Rus fails to take Ukr; Ger stacks it and holds until about R5, when the stack advances to WR.
    • R1-R5 Allied efforts go mostly to Africa where G and J manage to hold Egypt but little else.
    • Jap takes the islands and transports units to Egypt.
    • When Ger takes WR, Allies refocus efforts on landing in Nor. Ger could take Cauc, but decides to stack Kar instead; Allies relocate from Nor to Arch and keep landing there. Japs take most of Africa in the meanwhile due to the sharply reduced presence of Allied units (relocated to the North).
    • At this stage Axis felt quite comfortable; they earned more than Allies for a couple of turns, Japs built a 3rd IC, and it felt like a matter of waiting and pumping out sufficient numbers of units to take Mos.
    • But Axis get greedy. Seeing low British income, they decide to make Brit even poorer by denying it France for one turn. Specifically, Ger tanks move from EE to WE and hold it. That however opens the possibility of Arch stack to move to WR (absent the threat of EE tanks), and later to even Ukr. The U.S. gets back to landing in Afr.
    • The whole Ger front gets suddenly completely messed up. To help the Ger, and feeling not being able to hold Afr against the increased Amer efforts Jap fleet moves to the Med and transports all Jap units from Egypt to SE.
    • And here the game changes direction completely, to Axis total surprise. Amer relocate a big part of their fleet to the Pacific and build new ships. Japs realize they can't compete; and they can't bring their Med fleet back (cut out by Amer holding Egypt, and Allies keeping enough fleet at Gib). So Axis realize the Pacific is lost and put all eggs into a Mos push: Ukr -> WR ->Cauc. The presence of Jap units in Europe certainly helps to deadzone WE, and provides extra protection when advancing forward.
    • By R18 Axis had two big stacks (G in Cauc and J in Kaz) preparing to attack Mos.
    • The U.S. just built 3 ICs on Pac islands and was preparing to start landing.
    • That's when the deadline arrived.0_1543559008923_triplea_Ame18.tsvg
      Thanks, Deltium for a great game!

  • Nasty Nate (Allies) defeats Epinikion (Axis+10) by projection of power after the 7th turn.

    On J1, Japan kills 6 Russian and a British fighter in Buryatia but left the American fleet outside of Hawaii alive. The Allies decide to go for a balanced strategy with America fully focused on Japan while the British and Russians work on Germany. The dice were favorable for the allies early helping them hold Africa and slow down the push towards Russia. By turn 4-5 the allies had a decent TUV advantage.. The Germans then made their push and were able to confine the British troops to Norway. Turn 7 Germany stacked West Russia and was going to take the Caucasus. Japan was incoming well around 42 each turn, buying planes and keeping the Americans at bay fairly easily.

    UK7 offered little opportunity so the Brits took Paris but that victory city opened the door for the US to end the game. Japan didn't see it coming and the US took Calcutta, Manila, and Shanghai all at once putting the Allies to 9 Victory Cities and ending the game.

    Game file below.

    Great Game Epinikion!

    0_1544372903820_NastyEpi J7.tsvg