Update for Domination 1914 No Man's Land

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    @schulz Is Blood and Steel yours?

  • Yes, but it is broken map.

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    @cernel said in Update for Domination 1914 No Man's Land:

    @schulz He said:

    I am willing to offer up the map to the community but I have absolutely no interest in pursuing it any further myself for the time being.

    That can be made by just uploading it to a public GitHub repository at whatever it is its current state. Of course, it is also possible to define it as public domain while doing so.

    Perhaps I should qualify this better. I am willing to hand the map off to an individual as its care-taker. Someone whom is interested in taking the design to fruition.

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    @hepps Can I see the whole map?

  • Imbaked hasn't responded my e-mail within 1 week. I think we can consier the map as abandon.

    There are the most complained things among Dom 1914 players and my suggestions about these:

    1. Connection bugs: They can be solved easily but there is one controversial connection exist (SZ 21-SZ 29) in the map. I think this connection should be removed because they do not touch each other.

    2. SZ 151: This sea zone is almost always banned. Better to remove the connections of this sea zones with other adjacent sea zones.

    3. Impossibility of keeping German navy alive: It is always complained among Dom 1914 players. Mecklenburg is very close to London and without certain techs this navy always fall to Britain. I think better solution is an another German factory to West Prussia. Also this factory will provide Germany easier accessable to Russian soils. Imbaked had already intended to give Germany a factory to West Prussia. But total production capatity o Mecklenburg+West Prussia definitely should not exceed to 6 or 7 otherwise Germany can just rush to Petersburg.Then disturbing these German Pus to another German soils.

    4. Japan: Always banned better to halve it.

    5)Merchant Marine: Always banned. Better to remove it.

    1. Additional German sub to SZ 12.

    2. Some opening battles are very dicey: For example one German sub can sink 2 british trannies and one cruiser. It is very aleatory. Better to remove 2 Canadian trannie and adding one of them to another sea zone.

    3. Making communists fully allied with Centrals.

    4. Arabia: Normally Arabia is fall in round 3 if Turkey just focus for it but there is still a small possibility that Arabia can be saved if they get really good dices in the first and second rounds and saving Arabia may change games totally. Even in some of games, Arabia never fall. They already start with too many units. I would remove 10 starting Pus from Arabia and add 5 to Russia and 5 to UK.

    5. Serbian techs: Sometimes it is also complained. Serbia can just spend 5 Pus and gain free 3 infantry per rounds. It is very dicey and huge bonus for a small country. Imbaked had intended to remove Serbian techs too. It should be done.

    6. Industry tech: Always considered overpowered. +2 bonus would be more fit rather than +3 bonus.

    7. Huge importance of techs: Some techs are more important and critic for some countries. I think map needs more tech category.

    8. Gas limit: It is implemented in almost all games. I'd be very grateful if somebody share the related codes of limiting units.

    9. Balance: I used to think that Allies have only slighly advantage with house rules then after playing the game by myself I'd say Allies have still huge advantage even with house rules. My proposals:

    -18 Production from USA
    -5 Prouction from France
    -5 Production from UK
    -2 Production from Russia
    +5 Prodction to Commies

    And removing a few allies units.

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    @schulz Imo 1 week should not be the bar to take over some ones map. I recommend you simply mod it, and not use the same name. Maybe when he returns he can give blessing to merge the files.

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    @general_zod Since everyone knows @Imbaked is missing for years, my suggestion would be just adding @Schulz mod as an additional game part of that same map. If then you see in lobby that most of the played games are of that mod, rather than the original, it would be better dumping the original and making the mod into the new version of it.

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    @cernel Supporting both would be ideal initially. Then if the MOD proves the standard... we could phase the original out.

    And @Imbaked has been around. Otherwise I have no idea how you explain The House of Habsburg map.

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    @hepps said in Update for Domination 1914 No Man's Land:

    And @Imbaked has been around. Otherwise I have no idea how you explain The House of Habsburg map.

    That is @CrazyG's. I believe @Imbaked blitzed in about 1 year ago, but very briefly; so I'm nor really counting that.

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    @cernel You are correct. Sorry I got confused between the two. :face_savouring_delicious_food:

  • Did you guys get permission from sieg for adding additional sea zone into Pacific during WaW update process? If not then wouldn't be possible to divide Belarus and Arabia in the update like you had done similar thing in WaW?

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