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  • I am using todays Version, on Linux, with 3 Screens. While most Software/ games work at least in window mode maximised (3150 px width, streched over all screens), TripleA has a Max window width of ONE screen. please fix or allow over size, or is there any config file to change this?

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    Unfortunately there isn't a way to change this via a config file.
    However digging through the code I haven't found any restriction that limits the window to a single screen size, which leads me to the conclusion that something else (either the graphic framework swing is using, or the operating system itself) might be using this size as a default maximum restriction.
    I haven't tried this out on a system with multiple screens, nor on a linux system, but I'm almost sure this won't make a difference, I experienced the same weird limitation on one screen size for any of the TripleA windows. When I manually increase the maximum screen size to something arbitrary like 10000 px in width and height, I got the exact same result.
    Interestingly enough when I set the minimum soze larger than one screen size, this causes the window to keep this minimum size with no way to make it smaller or larger unless the window gets maximised.
    Based on your description I might be getting something wrong though.
    Are you using a technology like AMD Eyefinity or NVidia 3D Vision Surround, which makes your graphics card prentend to your system that your 3 monitors are in fact only one?
    In this case there could potentially be a setting that explicitly limits the window size.

  • @roiex thx for taking this up, you got it right:

    while I am using nvidias closed drivers, I do not use any special feature. Thats why I do use always window mode in all games, because fullscreen limmits me to one screen.

    All other games in window mode work as expected, you place the window on the top left corner and drag it to the lower right, across all sceens.

    Its realy anoing because my monitors are upright, and playing triplea on 1050 width by 1680 hight is hard, because it's meant to be played sideways 😉

    --- edit:

    Maybe its depending on function names in the framework, I am not familiar with java, but there is a difference between screens and my desktop.
    while my screens all have 1050 width by 1680, the desktop has 3150 (3x1050) width by 1680 hight.

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    Hmm I just tested this with my Desktop which has 2 screens, and I could drag the window over multiple screens no problem on windows:

  • @roiex, thats exactly what i try to do. than ill search more torwards nvidias driver on linux.

    --- edit:

    OK, more a work around but works: Until anybody finds the Problem/Bug or wrong setup use wine 😇
    not realy a solution but works. Thank you for your time.

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    What would probably work as well is using nvidias technology I described earlier, might mess up your desktop a little bit, but as a workaround it's probably going to be working as well because in this case your Linux distribution thinks that only a single screen is connected.

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