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    Map Makers,

    The dev team would like to know if anyone is still using version 1 or version 2 of the standalone TripleA Map Creator tool originally authored by Wisconsin (some screenshots are provided below to help you recognize these tools). If you still use one of them, can you please elaborate why you prefer it to the in-game map creation tools available from the Engine Preferences window? Thanks!

    TripleA Map Creator (2010-03-18)

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Resizer and Shifter

    TripleA Map Creator (2012-10-23)

    Main Menu

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    I don’t use them, but I did use them for the first few maps. They are pretty bugged, but besides that, they were also super nice and user friendly. I think Wisconsin really had a flair for user friendlyness.

    I really liked that it was a step by step all-in-one process and that one could “go back” to previous steps. Also the ability to make units and unit stats was nice. As I remember, the map work could also be saved in some sort of bundle, or exported as playable game files.

    A user friendly tool like this, updated and supporting all aspects of the game and the various XML possibilities, would be optimal.

    My latest few maps have been made with the tools of the (non-beta) Map Creator in TripleA preferences. Plus a whole lot of manual file file structure building and file editing.

  • The truth is that if you are making a new map... you need to learn to do it from scratch. The Map Creators are broken utilities with no support. You can make simple maps with them.. anything else will be laden with bugs.

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    @Zim-Xero That's probably pretty accurate. I think maybe the better question is we have a few different tools and none of them work that well but what are the useful pieces of each one. I think the goal is to decide what needs to be kept and then figure out how to integrate what we have together. Then we can look to hopefully make some significant improvements.

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