Tournament of Champions (Season 5) for AA 50 Anniversary '41 version

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    Icelander (Allies +14) defeats Stroid (Axis) triplea_Rus6.tsvg

    German armors lingered a turn too much in the Eastern front, allowing UK4 US4 to set foot in France and stay. Moscow thirsty Axis players have been warned 😉

  • Islandia (Axis) defeats SneakingCoward(Allies+15)

    No really decisive battles, but Axis was able to gain an IPC advantage and slowly use it to push on Moscow.

  • Banfus (Allies +15) defeats Handsome (Axis) in round 18, and gives Handsome a good lession in balanced Allied play.

    Allies defended Africa heavily, and Germany/Italy used to much resources trying to secure a high income for a long game. This lead to a very strong Russia. Even though both Germany (round 5) and Italy (round 9) was able to conquer Karelia, Axis could not hold it, and Moscow was never realy threatened.

    Japan was able to capture both Australia/India round 2, but due to bad leadership, decides to focus to much on an Allied threat in the Pacific. An golden opportunity to put early stress on Russia with a factory in India is missed. Banfus manages to keep the pressure on Japan in the Pacific, and the Japanese pressure on Moscow comes to late.

    Germany, manages to scramble enough forces to destroy the main Russian Army in East Poland in round 15, so Japan can conquer Moscow in round 16. However, the Japanese rush to support Berlin comes to late, as the cost of the attack in East Poland has weakened the European defences in the west and south to much.

    The best player won, and great thanks to Banfus for a good game.ToC5_Banfus_vs_Handsome_UK#18.tsvg

  • Blasherke (Allies) defeats Wasp in round 22.

    I've been around for a while now, and sometimes you play a game which you will remember for a long time. My game against Wasp is such a game. It's story can be told as a game of shifting balances of power, daring sacrifices, painfull mistakes (mostly by me), heroic comebacks and most of all, a lot of fun. Only in round 20 axis attrition made the game turn in favor of the allied forces, making the axis commander to honourably surrender.

    Apart from this, I'd like to add that Wasp is one of the finest opponents I've ever met. He's a real gentleman with a highly developed sense of sportsmanship. It was a real pleasure to play against him and if you are looking for a skilled, creative and fast player with a great love for the game, Wasp should be the first one to contact.


  • This is where I check the all of the above box. Great game Blash. You played very well. Wasp doesn't like to lose. So you get bragging rights until I can be avenged.

    Thanks for the kind words. Table top style is the only way to play imo 😉

    Now I just need to get somebody to wisper in my ear everyday "remember Blasherke my lord" Revenge!

  • Islandia (Axis) defeats QuarterMaster (Allies + 16)
    This was quite a bit of back and forth with an early all out attack on Japan that pretty much pushed them off the mainland. That allowed Germany to consolidate some gains in Europe and then take Caucusus and Russia. Well played QuarterMasterquartermasterUSA10.tsvg

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    Pras (Axis) defeats Banfus( Allies =13)
    I would like to say there were many times I was really worried... I am sorry the dice goddess was a bit mean at times bro. I enjoyed our game greatly and look forward to our next! The only comments I can make onPrastle UK#10.tsvg the game was the sudden switch to USA pac in the middle of the game. I think that cost ya. Without doing a turn by turn examine.Prastle UK#10.tsvg

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    Blasherke (Axis) defeats Icelander (Allies +14)
    When dice don't help against a good player, there is not much point going on.
    The German opening in Karelia did something, but what single handedly won the war was the Italian AA.
    Congratulations to Blash and hope to play again with you in the Final 🙂

  • Stroid (axis) defeats prastle (allies, 15 bid)
    Allies went for a heavy UK bid with a dd with the UK battleship. Russians only got one artillery out of the bid. When the germans hit the UK fleet on G1, the germans got very lucky and killed the UK fleet with minimal losses. So the allies effectively lost most of their bid off the start. Russia was weakened with this lack of starting units and the axis pushed hard into russia. An italian can opener allowed the germans to blitz moscow on round 3, leaving russia much weaker and the germans heavily fortified against the allies. With Japan streaming through africa surrounding moscow on the east sides, italians stacked in caucus holding it strong and no allied advance in the west, the allies surrendered. GG WP!


  • Wasp(axis) defeats Blasherke(allies +14)
    huzzah! Vengeance is gained and the score evened at 1-1! The allies launched a bold move into the med early for a push to destroy the axis fleet operating in the red sea. The Italian fighter was able to get a hit and in doing so decrease the odds of an allied success by just enough to hold the position. And while this didn't determine the surely led to a few successive battles in which the allies ended up with the short end of the stick. The axis were able to consolidate gains and lean on the allies for the remainder of the game. Now we battle one more time for the title! May Wasp be victorious!

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