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  • **** FINAL RESULT ****

    Just received notification that Icelander defeated Wasp in the Finals.
    Congratulations to Icelander for his victory.
    It is worth noting that BOTH Wasp and Icelander kindly donated their prize money to TripleA development.
    Thanks to both of you for your generosity and good sportsmanship.

    Warm Regards, Deltium

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  • @Wasp Thanks for the game and Great job! Wasp defeats Prastle and now moves on to play @Icelander for the title! Good Luck Have Fun both of you! 🙂

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  • @redrum 100% agree your sub death was a bit of a game changer. Thanks for the great game. I am sorry that I find PBEM not my thing 😉

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  • prastle (Axis) wins over redrum (Allies) +14 due to resignation in round 8: 0_1531172570384_triplea_Ger8.tsvg

    @prastle Thanks for an excellent game! It was a pretty close game and could probably go on a number of rounds longer but I think Axis does have a slight advantage in position and need to keep the tourney moving.

    Allies went for a more balanced strategy with US going Pacific to try to pin down Japan and take out their navy. Germany played pretty aggressively and built a large airforce to pressure Russia and the UK. Not very many large battles and mostly just positioning and trading territories. Probably the biggest turning points for the Allies were a battle in the South Pacific in round 4 as the US tried to take out part of the IJN and battle in round 7 as the UK tried to break the IJN screen protecting their main fleet off the coast of Japan. If either of those went in the Allies favor then it could have been a different game.

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