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  • Icelander (Allies +14) defeats Tulkas (Axis) after Germany fails to capture Moscow in round 9. 0_1544313774128_triplea_Ame8.tsvg

    Basically UK and US kept their economy going in Africa and the Pacific, while Russia did its best to face enemies coming from all sides. A very good Germany with strong air support invaded Karelia twice but couldn't build enough to take Moscow while the British threat from the Baltic grew larger.

    Thanks to Tulkas for a very challenging game.

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    Islandia (Axis) defeats Prastle (Allies + 14) in round 11 as Allies surrender after failing to capture France with a double strike from United Kingdom plus the United States. 0_1542946618396_prastle-live toc.tsvg

    The game started with the US doing a furious full scale assault on Japanese shipping sending many transports and carriers to the bottom of the Pacific. This gave Germany and Italy a bit of breathing room, though they were pushed out of the Mediterranean and Africa by turn 5. Germany was able to build up a strong airforce that threatened Allied shipping resulting in a heavy spend for Capital ships for the allies (3 British Battleships)! Once Japan was able to get going, it started to push towards the center and the Axis gained a slow advantage.

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    Icelander (Axis) defeats Handsome (Allies +15) in just 6 rounds as Allies surrender after a last desperate UK attack on Berlin.

    From start, US aimed to get air superiority and tried to force Japan to react to a possible US threat in the Pacific and therebye lighten the pressure on Russia. The plan worked, but US didn't take advantage and let itself getting carried away in an armsrace in the Pacific. When UK makes some very bad choices in Africa/Middle East, Germany/Italy soon take controll and grow very strong. The US Atlantic fleet gets sunk by Luftwaffe in turn 6, and an economicly crippled UK makes a last desperate attack on Berlin at terrible odds.

    Thanks to Iclander for a very good and friendly game. 0_1542843543985_triplea_Bri6.tsvg .

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  • Blasherke (Axis) defeats QuarterMaster in an exciting game. The Allies suffered from bad dice in the first two rounds and of course this had an impact on the outcome of the game. Especially with the Allies going for a KJF, where binding Japan at an early stage is vital. This enabled both Germany and Italy to build up forces and strike on Russia. Despite an impressive sea battle next to Gibraltar, the allies were unable to turn the tide.

    Thanks QuarterMaster for the fun game!

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