Bonus income to AI

  • Roughly with what percentage of bonus income may AI play almost as effective as human. It depends of so many factors,But I would like to only mention them;

    Big maps vs Small maps

    Axis(Centrals) vs Allies(Entente---Probably sea based nations would need more bonus income per rounds

  • Admin

    @Schulz Hard to say. I think @Black_Elk is one of the few that has posted a lot of games vs the AI. I'd say +25-50% is probably the range for most maps. The larger the map and more naval the nation is the more assistance the AI tends to need.

  • Sounds great but I think USA needs even more bonus.

    Why doesn't AI buy factory?

  • Admin

    @Schulz It will buy factories on most maps if it feels it needs to. Depends what map you are playing. Best thing to do is post save games and comment on particular AI moves/buys.

  • I am just currently testing AI in modified version of dom 1914 NML. Only Austria and Russia had needed new factories but none of then did build new factory.

    AI also does not research tech. Maybe AI would buy new factory with industry tech.

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