Creating baseTiles from polygons.txt

  • I have a map where I have the polygons.txt, centers.txt, files but no baseTiles folder. Is there any way I can create the base tiles from the text files? The scenario is playable and interesting, but the sea areas are all black.

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    @RogerCooper I don't believe there is a supported way to create any images from any txt files, but you can, instead, just make a monocrome png of the sea colour you want, that has the dimensions that map has specified in, then get this into the baseTiles (with the splitting utility). What you see of the base tiles are only the sea zones and whatever is not a zone (that may be nothing if the map has single pixel borders between zones). Then you can Export that Map Snapshot with map details off and manage it with a graphic program, if you need it.

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    @RogerCooper Actually, for getting the image out of the polygons.txt, you can use the Tiles Image Recostructor, selecting whatever folder having no images in it, when asked to get the tiles (not to get any). Of course, be sure to imput the right map dimensions (that are specified in Eventually, it will ask if you don't want to draw the polygons. Just say "No" (double negation), and you will get a transparent png with the polygons' borders drawing. So, that is your base image by the polygons, you can just open it with any raster graphic editors (even the classic paint will do, in this case) and fill up the sea zones with the colour you want (it should be called "Bucked Fill Tool", or something), and the rest with white or whatever (or rather first remove the alpha channel, so all transparent pixels become white, then fill the sea zones or whatever).

  • @Cernel It works perfectly. Thanks for the help.