Player Bonus Settings Revamp

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    I'm thinking it would be definitely advisable having a way to see in game what kind of bonuses are currently set, but I would say also whatever settings you would see in starting screen, before clicking "Play".
    Something right under "Game/Map Options" that, instead, allows you to see what start-screen settings are on.
    Now you can't see anymore what bonuses are set in Map Options, and I think this is a step backwards, especially now that you have all of a series of different bonuses per player (I think there is a clear need to double check all was set all right after starting the game, especially if you are playing with someone else), but, beside this, I think it would be good having a way to see everything that can be set in the starting screen plus also what can't be set, like hidden players, without having to dig through history.
    When in local, the Human Type should be just "Human", while in hosted games it should be the username playing it.
    I would still keep "Network/Show Who is Who", anyways.
    Anyways, the main suggestion here is to allow being able to check out what bonuses are going on while the game is being played, just like you can check out the options via Game/Map Options.
    I'm also thinking that it would be helpful if this new function as well as the existent Game/Map Options would show up the settings that are not on default in bold or somehow highlighting them, so you can briefly check if the game is going on as per norm or something was changed (think about a "World At War" game started by someone else in which you want to see if all settings are default or your opponent slipped in some customisation without telling; you would need to remember them all and look at each one).

    @redrum said in AI Bonus Settings Revamp:

    Open Questions

    1. Should we move bid input from the settings UI to player selection UI? This would seem to make settings screen much cleaner and allow all 'per player' properties on the player selection screen.

    I'm undecided but I would say then it would be preferable that you can still have the bid info during the game, like now via Game/Map Options (notice that while almost always bids are assigned once at start game, which makes easy to check them out, this is in no way mandatory, as the bid ones are just phases like whatever other ones).

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    Also, at this point, I suggest to change the title of this topic, as the decisions has been made to have the bonuses not AI related (so this thread is not anymore about "AI Bonus Settings" except for removing all of them).

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    @Cernel Fair point around being able to view current player settings when in game. I'm hoping to merge the setting screen with the player screen then have all of those settings available to view in game. So this is hopefully just an in-between state.

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    I think instead of reading:

    Giving RomanRepublic 150% income for 10 PUs; end with 30 PUs

    it would be better:

    Giving RomanRepublic 150% income for +10 PUs; end with 30 PUs

  • @Cernel That is how I like playing solo games... making the AI robust instead of squishy, but limiting the run-away effect.

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    @Zim-Xero Actually, here I wasn't saying give flat instead of percentage, and, actually, I was suggesting to change nothing but how the info is worded. That is still percentage, just that "Giving RomanRepublic 150% income for 10 PUs" definitely reads like the 150% income is total 10 PUs.
    Tho probably it would be better reading as:

    Giving RomanRepublic +50% income for +10 PUs; end with 30 PUs