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    I dug into this some more and have been getting inconsistent behaviour. When i turn off "isInfra" it works ok, but it seems as if I'm missing something as to why this started showing up, so I'm still doing some testing with "isInfra" turned on.

    Now i have a new error that i've never gotten. Idk if this is related or not but it says I'm out of memory

    Screenshot from 2019-05-22 22-06-03.png

    I click on the memory thingy and it says i have plenty. Anyone have any ideas on what's up with this error ?


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    @beelee Its probably related. Both that error and the previous error are related to memory issues probably caused by some sort of infinite loop when bombers have isInfra=true. For now I would suggest having it set to false so you don't get weird errors and make a feature request to enable it to work properly.

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    @redrum right on. i'll make a request a little later. was trying to get some more info on why it was doing it. Thanks

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    Hey if anybody wants to give this a test drive (Option redesign with Cruiser A 4, Planes target Naval and Carriers RD 2, …:)
    2.642 is the latest. Let me know if you wanna give it a go : )

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    Update to 2.646

    Changed Tacs hitting Subs to “1 in 12” and allow them to stack again when “Planes Target Naval” is activated. They also hit Ships the same way now.

    Primarily to help Japan with mid to late game Sub spam. Also help the Allies in the Atlantic, although this doesn’t really seem to be necessary. May still be an issue (Sub spam) but I’ve yet to see it prevent a win. “Attack0 Cost5” Bombers are another concern, but once again, I’ve yet to see them prevent a win and there are Options available to counter them if needed.

    Biggest concern is Tacs ganging up on solo BBs, CAs and CVs. However, it does represent Dive Bombers and ASW planes well and while not ideal, subs can still be used as hit soakers.
    Basically the “Big Boys” shouldn’t be sailing without support, which is an okay thing imo and they still get to shoot back : ) Well not the CVs…but…

    Of course this is only an Option 🙂 Lots of ways to play 🙂

    At any rate...that be the update

    heh heh

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    So latest test is showing some concern. Lots of subs in Pacific RDs 8,9,10. Don't have enough Tacs to stack attack subs, although it may be better to have the ability to stack attack on single subs. Early round attacks could make a difference as well.

    Might be better to have higher attack value and not stack. Early game is where it will impact most. Thinking 1 in 10 for ftrs against ships and no stack and 1 in 6 for tacs against ships and subs and no stack might be the way to go.

    I'm gonna play this out and maybe another one. We'll see how it goes.

    Basically want Tacs to be able to hit Ships and Subs and Ftrs be more of a Defensive/Escort role.

    At any rate, looks as if the Axis are gonna lose this one. Russia seems a tad too strong, but they've lost before 🙂

    oh yea, in case anybody interested heh heh 😆 2.645 June 18 2019.tsvg game 1.tsvg

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    Updated to 2.647

    Change Tactical Bomber to hit at 2 in 12 when "Planes Target Naval" activated. Defends at 1 in 12. Does not stack against Subs and Ships. Fighters attack and defend at 1 in 12 against Ships. They do not stack.

    Decided since Subs start to increase quite a bit mid to late game, you'd be better off to have the Tac hit at 1 in 6 against multiple targets than being able to stack at 1 in 12.

    Ftr is a bit weaker. Ftr and Tac are now 23.6% vs the 25% that they were before when Targeting Ships, so not a big difference. Also emphasizes the Tac over the Ftr, which is what is wanted and keeps things a little more uniform with the CA/BB being the only 10 sided die now.

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