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    I dug into this some more and have been getting inconsistent behaviour. When i turn off "isInfra" it works ok, but it seems as if I'm missing something as to why this started showing up, so I'm still doing some testing with "isInfra" turned on.

    Now i have a new error that i've never gotten. Idk if this is related or not but it says I'm out of memory

    Screenshot from 2019-05-22 22-06-03.png

    I click on the memory thingy and it says i have plenty. Anyone have any ideas on what's up with this error ?


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    @beelee Its probably related. Both that error and the previous error are related to memory issues probably caused by some sort of infinite loop when bombers have isInfra=true. For now I would suggest having it set to false so you don't get weird errors and make a feature request to enable it to work properly.

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    @redrum right on. i'll make a request a little later. was trying to get some more info on why it was doing it. Thanks

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    Hey if anybody wants to give this a test drive (Option redesign with Cruiser A 4, Planes target Naval and Carriers RD 2, …:)
    2.642 is the latest. Let me know if you wanna give it a go : )

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