How to diversify USA strategies in WWII maps?

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    Realism and history are not the same thing.

    Realistically, those pacific islands are not worth much. Historically, Japan invested a lot into defending them. Which was almost certainly a mistake and a very poor use of her resources. In TripleA, players have perfect information and battles are simple probabilities. Do you want players to fight over these islands, like happened in history? Then make fighting over them worthwhile.

    Its not a mystery than players will give attacking a territory worth 6 a higher priority than attacking a territory worth 0.

  • Why not making Australia and New Zealand American insted of British since Australia would have limited placement and Japan would able to conquer them if US does not help from its mainland. Also Australia and Hawaii have victory cities. And adding France would make more temting Pacific. In this case Allies would gain nothing from constantly attacking France.

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    Depends on how you value territories. Strategic/geographical and morale boosting to a countries people can(usually is) be a determination of value also.

    Obviously, from a raw material stand point, midway islands are not worth anything. From a strategic point, quite a bit.

    Just depends on how you want to do it. "World in Flames" is supposed to be the best WWII game for realism. Sadly, I've never played it and last I checked, no longer an online option.

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