Iron Blitz (with Classic Map)

  • I downloaded the Iron Blitz map derived from the following link:

    and saved the downloaded file into the "downloadedMaps" folder. Then when I load Triple A and click on the "Select Map" button I can see the various Iron Blitz scenarios but I immediately get the following error:

    "SAXParseException: game: Iron Blitz 1939A Historical, line:729, column: 19, error: Element type "attachmentList" must be declared."

    In looking at the other maps in the "downloadedMaps" folder I can see that each compressed file has a PROPERTIES file with the same name (i.e., [mapname] And I noticed that the download of the Iron Blitz zip file does NOT include this PROPERTIES file with the same name (it has a different PROPERTIES file that is buried in the zip file...I already copying it, renaming it, and putting it up in the same folder as the zip file and that didn't change anything).

    Anyone know how to resolve this? I'm new to TripleA, so please forgive my ignorance if I'm missing something easy or obvious (I'm also not a programmer so if this involves writing a bunch of code to fix them I'm probably screwed).


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    @slimschadey When Triple A underwent an upgrade that caused a breaking of compatibility with older games... those games became unplayable on the new version of the engine.

    There is a thread here where @RogerCooper has updated older games so that they may still be played. Check there to see if the Iron Blitz games have been since updated.


    If they aren't there you could ask for them to be updated. He is generally very accommodating.

  • Thanks Hepps!

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    @slimschadey You know that the Iron Blitz sub-edition of the Classic 3rd Edition is already included in the World War II Classic map you can download in the repository (High Quality)?

    I believe the properties files you see there are just for tracking of what you got by the repository (useless here).

  • Again, maybe this is my ignorance because I'm new to the game...but I don't see where I can select the various Iron Blitz scenarios withing the Classic Map?

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    @slimschadey To be clear, the Classic map is a thing and the Classic game is another thing. When I said the Classic map I didn't mean that you have it in the Classic game, as an option or anything, but that when you download the Classic map you get several games, one of which is the regular Classic, and one of the other is the Iron Blitz variant of the 3rd edition, that is in turn a variant of the Classic game, that is the 2nd edition.

    I believe you should see what you want by clicking on "Select Map" (wrong and inconsistent naming here; it should say "Select Game"), then, in the "Select a Game" menu you can find it by the game name of "Classic: Iron Blitz 3rd Edition" (Map Name: world_war_ii_classic).

    Maybe you were overlooking it because those variants start with a "C", so they are far away in list from the main game, that is called "World War II Classic"?

    Anyways, I suggest the repository admins to change all games of the Classic map to start as "World War II" or "WWII" (I suggest the former if clones and the latter if custom or not-main mods), @redrum, @LaFayette.

  • not sure if i should start a new thread
    but ever since i update to 1.10.13285
    the game cannot parse:

    age of tribes classical
    civil war eastern campaign
    1914 blood and steel

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