[Fixed] TWW 2.8.04 Beta question

  • During Russia's opening turn & during non-combat, I loaded material to a train in Moscow. I wanted to move them to Stalingrad by way of Volgarod(tracks). However the game would only take me thru Tula(no tracks) & so the move to Stalingrad wasn't allowed. However, it allowed me to move the material & train to move from Moscow to Siberia, etc.
    What am I missing?

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    @forthebirds Sometimes the path-finder (the way the game automatically chooses a units path) will try to take you on a direct route. This can often cause problems in many different scenarios.

    You can circumvent this by selecting the units you want to move... moving the cursor to the territory that is the desired path... then hold down the {ctrl} key and left click. This will over-ride the auto path selection and allow you to create a custom pathway. (ie. moving along territories with rail systems)

    You can continue to do this for multiple territories and then let go of the {ctrl} key and left click on the destination territory.

  • @Hepps

    Thanks. That's good to know.

  • @forthebirds
    fyi, this also works for planes, if you want to avoid AAs

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