Total World War: December 1941

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    Now available via Map Downloads!
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    If you already have an older version installed. simply delete the original from your maps folder and re-download the game from the Map Download menu.

    You are required to be running the most recent stable Engine.

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    v3.0.0.7 (in-progress)

    • Fixed Advanced Mechanization now properly gives mech inf +1 attack not +2


    • Fix China's improved anti tank tech


    • Fix Germany not being able to place units in North Africa after Protectorate has fallen


    • Fix Exiled Allies Toulon Fleet Event which was firing turn 1 instead of after Vichy's capital falls


    • Bug fixes:
      • Fix chinese fighters are land units instead of air units bug when disabling neutral players
      • Fix USA start notification
      • Allow marine production in Morrocco, Tunisia, West Africa, Nigeria, Gold Coast
      • Allow alpine production in Nigeria
      • Fix bug where liberating russian or chinese L&L territories you can't reinforce them in ncm as they turn russian/chinese immediately instead of being the territory of the nation on turn
      • Fix bug where L&L UK truck not being removed from Soviet Far East
    • Starting unit updates:
      • Naval Fighter moved from Florida to Eastern U.S.
      • British Sub moved from SZ 7 to SZ 10 with the main Scapa Flow fleet.
      • British Naval Fighter moved from SZ 148 onto Java
      • British A.A. Gun added to Sumatra
      • British A.A. Gun added to Papua
    • Sub/destroyer updates
      • Update ImprovedDestroyer tech from DepthCharge 2 (+1) to 3 (+2)
      • Update HeavyDestroyer unit from DepthCharge 3 to 4
      • Update ImprovedStratBomber tech from DepthCharge 2 (+1) to 3 (+2)
      • Update HeavyStratBomber unit from DepthCharge 3 to 4
      • Update Sub unit attack from 4 to 3 (3/1/2)
      • Update ImprovedSub tech from +1 attack (5/1/2) to +1 attack/defense (4/2/2)
      • Update AdvancedSub unit from 6/3/2 to 6/4/2
    • Add Toulon Exiled Allies fleet save actions for if Vichy's capital falls before North Africa Protectorate


    • Fix North African territories turning back to Vichy owned after the Protectorate falling


    • Fix some missed HeavyDestroyers by removing isDestroyer
    • Fix StrategicBombers and HeavyStrategicBombers by removing defensive AA (not used and simplifies tooltips)
    • Add trigger for converting any vichy and exiled allied units to major in sz42, sz48, sz61, sz62, sz64
    • Fix technology tab
    • Fix unit icons
    • Fix Vichy and Exiled Allies Occupations and Protectorates income deductions that were firing twice


    • Revamp sub/destroyer mechanics to make game play more dynamic and less about just researching ImprovedDestroyers. Subs are meant to be strong units in open water that are difficult to hunt down but weak when trying to defend surface fleets and facing scrambling air defenses along coasts.
      • All air units can now target Sub/AdvancedSub without a Destroyer (can scramble to defend against them)
      • All surface ships give -2 support on defense to 1 Sub/AdvancedSub to decrease Sub/AdvancedSub effectiveness when defending fleets
      • Sub/AdvancedSub units: removed targeted defense against Destroyer/HeavyDestroyer
      • ImprovedSub tech: increases Sub attack to 5 instead of increasing targeted defense
      • Destroyer unit: added DepthCharge targeted attack of 1 against Sub/AdvancedSub
      • HeavyDestroyer unit: removed isDestroyer and added DepthCharge targeted attack of 3 against Sub/AdvancedSub
      • ImprovedDestroyer tech: increases Destroyer DepthCharge to 2 instead of give isDestroyer
      • StratBomber unit: added DepthCharge targeted attack of 1 against Sub/AdvancedSub
      • HeavyStratBomber unit: added DepthCharge targeted attack of 3 against Sub/AdvancedSub
      • ImprovedStratBomber tech: increases StratBomber DepthCharge to 2
    • Add German N.Africa Protectorates to show German control over the area and simulation Allied invasion impact.
      • Morocco and Algeria are both Protectorates so generate no income but if they both are owned Vichy receive a free material each turn
      • If either or both are captured by the Allies then the rest of Vichy N.Africa turns to German owned and Vichy's capital becomes an Occupied territory giving its income to Germany
    • Add Vichy Toulon Fleet events to show Vichy naval presence along Southern France and allow for operation Lila.
      • Added immobile German ships to SZ44: BB, Cruiser, 2 Destroyers, 2 Subs, and Transport
      • Added event if 1 of the 2 N.Africa Protectorate territories are captured by the Allies then on the next German turn they receive user action to pay 1 PU per ship to try to prevent them being scuttled (2/12 chance) and turn to regular German ships
    • Add Vichy Dakar Fleet events to allow for Operation Menance.
      • Added immobile German ships to SZ64: BB and Destroyer
      • Added event if West Africa is captured by the Allies then Dakar Fleet transforms into regular UK ships
    • Add several automatic unit placements in Western Europe and Africa (Both Vichy & Exiled Allies) to increase strategic value of capturing these territories.
      • Western France: 1 UK inf
      • Morocco: 1 UK inf
      • Tunisia: 1 UK inf
      • West Africa: 1 UK inf
      • Gold Coast: 1 UK inf
      • Cameroon: 1 German inf
      • French Equatorial Africa: 1 German inf
    • Increase PU and ownership of a few African territories to increase strategic value of controlling these territories.
      • Morocco: Increased PU to 2
      • Tunisia: Increased PU to 2
      • West Africa: Increased PU to 2
      • Nigeria: Increased PU to 2
      • French Central Africa: Starts as Vichy controlled

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    The newest installment features...

    Vichy fleets which are interned at Toulon & Dakar. Attempt to scuttle them as the Allies... attempt to capture them as the Axis.


  • Admin

    High level change list:

    • Revamp sub/destroyer mechanics
    • Add Vichy Dakar Fleet events
    • Add Vichy Toulon Fleet events
    • Add German N.Africa Protectorates
    • Add several automatic unit placements in Western Europe and Africa (Both Vichy & Exiled Allies)
    • Increase PU of a few African territories

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    @redrum @Hepps 300 series of bots updated

  • But this projects seems to live? Or still apparently dead like "global dominance"?


  • Admin

    @LovePlayingAAA Yes, TWW just released a new version v3.0 with the above updates. GD is still in development at this point.

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    @redrum 400 series updated

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    @Hepps 500 and 600 series done now as well.

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    @prastle Thank you.

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    @Hepps NP bro Thank @LaFayette for fixing my ssh 🙂

  • What is 400 500 600 series?

  • Admin

    @LovePlayingAAA The bots in the online lobby.

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    I didn't see anything in the games' notes section that explains how the new sub system works (or for any other important changelog stuff). did I miss it somewhere?

  • Admin

    @zlefin The notes haven't been updated yet. This post outlines the sub/destroyer changes: (there were a few adjustments to that original vision).

    Essentially there is no "isDestroyer" attribute to totally cancel sub abilities. The sub targeted attack against destroyers was removed and destroyers/strats now have a targeted attack against subs. Air units can also hit subs now even without a destroyer. Surface ships also give subs negative support on defense so that grouping subs into your surface fleet for defense isn't as effective. Using the in game unit tooltips or unit help should allow you to see the abilities of subs/destroyers/strats.

    The major results of all of this is that subs are more useful in open water (away from coasts which can be defended with scrambling), more useful throughout the game as no isDestroyer, and not as effective for defending surface fleets.

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    @zlefin As Redrum says the game files themselves are lacking ATM. I will be posting the significant changes in detail here as I have the time.

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    hmm, will need to play with them some to assess them. Looking at the math, it seems like subs are very strong right now as a counter to naval units.

  • @Hepps and your elves: Thanks for taking TWW to the next level! I am eager for playing 😄

    But: Is the new submarine / destroyer logic really working the way it should? Depth Charge Attack seems possible only for DD and tact bomber so far - is that correct?

    Also: When attacking, subs remain weak against scrambling aircrafts, since the aircrafts defend at their usual defense values - was that supposed this way?

  • Admin

    @zlefin I generally feel subs are probably a bit too strong in this initial 3.0 but we want to play a few games to see how it plays before making any adjustments (I also think it made N.Fighters a bit stronger since they can now scramble against subs). Mostly just want to put @Hepps fleets at the bottom of the ocean with my wolf pack a few times to thoroughly convince him but I'll take other volunteers as well 🙂

    @spartan Depth Charge is actually only available to DD and strat bomber (not tact). So those are essentially the units that can hunt down subs at the moment.

    Yes, allowing air to scramble to defend against subs is intentional. This is to somewhat counter there not being a hard isDestroyer type unit anymore and simulate that defending fleets along coasts was generally much easier than open sea against subs:

  • There seems to be a bug concerning uk china lend lease. Fighter has not been changed from uk to chinese, instead it has been deleted.

  • Admin

    @Krautz Ok, I'll take a look at it. I don't think anything should have changed around L&L in 3.0 but I'll double check and see if I can reproduce it.

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