Dragon War 1.2.4 Black_Elk (Evil) vs redrum (Good)

  • I think overall I felt a little more comfortable with the map this time out, though sometimes I goofed like with that portal, or move 2 units getting stuck in mountains, the occasional river getting in the way. Definitely felt the pressure on the water though, and you're right that was probably Evils undoing.

    Not sure if its my unfamiliarity with D8 mental math on the fly, or maybe just difficulty managing some of the more complex units like Dragons/Generals and fitting them in with other guys, but I'll admit to still having some trouble getting my bearings. The calc works reasonably well for me when planning straight forward attacks, but less so when planning for a general defense. Maybe my impatience more than anything hehe.

    In terms of overall strategic purchasing, I think the trickiest thing for me is the departure from having a basic reliable fodder unit, where I can kind of build/measure everything against the stats of that hitpoint, to a situation where I'm sort of blindly rotating builds based on the available resources. I like how it encourages diversity in the unit buys on a given turn, but its different enough from the typical A&A type situation that it kind of upends my usual way of parsing the situation on the ground. So yeah, couple brain implosions and things can fall apart quickstyle heheh.

    Well played man

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    @Black_Elk Alright GG. Its definitely quite a unique map in a number of ways. If you don't already, I highly recommend playing it with Map Details Off as its much easier to see what's going on then.

    There definitely is less of a true fodder unit and really the Auxillary units that are generated each round is kind of the bar for a fodder unit. Its almost more about using those plus any dragons to get some cheap HP and then have a combination of other units depending on if you want more movement for cavalry or lower transport cost for infantry. I haven't really figured out when/if to use any of the artillery type units as they tend to be too pricey and need too much wood for their value.

    I think naval units maybe need to have more defense then attack to avoid games always ending in a naval arms race. Or at least have more ship variety so that there is some feasible counter to your opponent massing as many ships as possible to eventually overwhelm you and then blockade your capital while landing amphibious assaults everywhere.

  • For sure, its definitely a cool map. The learning curve is a little steep, since its sufficiently different from other maps I've played that I can't really do like a ready substitution from previous experience, but I dig it. Just loaded that last save with the map details off, and its interesting to see the difference. I think I should have also mulled over the notes a bit more, but it was fun diving in.

    Yeah I think you're right about using the spawns as the basic building blocks. Especially since the other cheap ground units often have one resource that is really expensive driving the cap.

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