A&A Hardware Device Project

  • Hi guys,

    I am an electronic engineer with time to spare =)...
    I would like this topic as a brain storm of ideas of a piece of hardware/device that would help/improve the current game experience or based on that device create a new Axis & Allies game flavour.

    If we find an interesting idea we would produce the device, volunteers accepted ...


  • hey cool topic! Here's a vid of the latest "holographic technology";


    I'm not saying we need holographic Axis and Allies but the vid might inspire some ideas and I actually have had an idea I thought about proposing ... I came up with it years ago:

    I was thinking instead of using the play pieces for the board game on that "battle board" cardboard and you line up the items that roll at 3 vs the enemy items that roll at 3 etc. etc. etc. INSTEAD I had thought why not have an electronic "battle board" that you input by hitting the button (a 1's button, 5's button, 10's button, 100's button etc.) how many items that roll at "1" and roll at "2" and roll at "3" etc. and that's on the top row of buttons and the row of buttons below that is the enemy units that roll at "1" or "2" or "3" etc. (then you hit the "Battle Roll" button for each round) so basically this game could use an electronic battle calculator that rolls the dice for you and replaces the cardboard battle board we use in the box game of Axis and Allies so you don't haveto handle rolling the dice and checking your rolls so much ... just an idea and good thread maybe we'll see some cool new ideas for this game!

  • Thank you for your Idea "Captain Crunch", i really like it ! Will think more about how to implement it and the possibilities it arises, and will come back to you.


    • Holographic board for A&A - by Captain Crunch.

    More Ideas!

  • Admin

    Idea for a nice gimmick: Build your own dice you can roll on your desk instead of relying on the PC to generate randomness for you.
    The tricky part would be to have your dice/die talk to TripleA.
    The easiest approach to this would probably be to create your own little HTTP server that answers dice rolling requests like MARTI, our dice server software (open source as well). Then you could simply add a config file and start a dummy PbF game using your own die.

  • Cool! Never though of it but i would imagine it could end up being cool!
    If we are talking technical there are several ways to implement the device... will see.


    • Holographic board for A&A - by Captain Crunch.

    • Dice gimmick - by RoiEX
      More Ideas!

  • hey great thread idea but perhaps someone can help abeldbest to understand the ideas ...

    So far I've suggested AN ELECTRONIC DICE ROLLER and described it in detail


    • Captain Crunch's "automated dice roller" to replace the cardboard battleboard

    *hopefully more to come

    That's about it since the other guys idea sounded sarcastic and people reading his idea may make fun of him since he basically ripped off my idea but in a way more complicated and confusing way and had nothing to do with actual programming

    Kids do have great ideas but hopefully to save this thread some of the vets will have some good ones.

    (Good idea for a thread but don't be like that Shulz guy spamming the forum with thread after thread of questions and then disappear ... do the admin monitor "multi-accounts" here. All forums have posters known as "Trolls" that make tons of troll threads and it sucks when admin have no clue so be careful about phony facetious posters please 😜 30 POSTERS ONLINE TODAY WOOT! )

  • @Captain-Crunch Yes it did sound a little vague but it is an idea after all, and for the purpose of your knowledge this thread is not intended to be spam or at least that is not my intention.
    I am an AA fan since many years and also an electronic engineer, some of my colleagues have developed devices for their gaming and i thought putting some tech into AA could be useful and add value to the community.
    But lets see what ideas people have, its always interesting to hear!

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