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  • would it be possible to have separate chat boxes in a room so the other team would not see what you are asking or saying to your team mate?

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    @Cheesewarrior I think this has been discussed in the past. I think it would be a very good addition, that would really give a more refined cut to the TripleA gaming experience, but I strongly believe it should be approached taking into account that TripleA supports and has more than 2 sides games, especially referring to the fact that in a 3+ sides games (that may be a FFA) you may want to talk to only one of the other sides (secret diplomacy/deals).

    So I would say, while at it, rather both the ability to intra-talk with your side only and the ability to send messages both to your side and only one of the other sides (this second one available only for games with 3 or more sides, as with 2 sides it would be talking with everyone).

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    @Cheesewarrior For bots it would also add some moderating challenges, obviously.

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    team chat rooms and direct messages would be rad. 🙂

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