[Open] waw1940 game is letting destroyers defend at 5

  • Now I am not sure if this is in every battle since i just started the game but in the top battle in the waiting list its sea zone 35 and i am attacking 2 transports 1 destroyer and 1 tboat with 2 subs. The enemy rolls its defense at 5 for some reason. i tried to read any notes on the game but there is nothing to indicate that destoyers defend at 5 against subs. I cant tell if the tboat is also defending at 5. I have included a save right before this fight. I am on a laptop running AMD 2.3 ghz with 6 gb ram on a windows 8 system. The game is at the current update. I think thats 13066 or something? waw1940germany.zip
    Let me know if you need anything else.

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    @avshar Destroyers don't have any special attacks or defence against submarines or anything. Their only specialty is to negate the specialties of the submarines (in this case, also enabling the submarines' casualties to fire back).

    So, under Low Luck, that stack of 2 transports, 1 t-boat and 1 destroyer will simply roll 1 dice at 6, being the sum of their defensive strength; then at 5, on round 2, if you take a transport as casualty on round 1.

  • @Cernel According to the rule book that is not how combat is run. According to the book that stack would role 2 times at 1 and 2 times at 2 not 1 time at 6. So is there something about that map that changes the basic rules of combat? I mean if that is how its done then why am i attacking 2 times per round instead of 1? Am i missing something?

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    Hi avshar It looks as if you have low luck enabled. That's probably on by default. If you don't want to use it you can turn it off in Map Options before the game starts

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    @avshar Yeah, you are right here. We are so used about this Low Luck for Sieg games, that I've never given it a thought, but since the basis is Revised rules, I suppose the notes (for both games of this map) should tell that combat resolution (comprising fly overs) use Low Luck, and also fully explain how that changes the original rules, if reading the Revised rulebook and the game's notes are supposed to give you full information. The only thing that appears telling you that you are using Low Luck is the point number 1 in "Rules Clarifications", but the actual explanation only covers what you can do during Combat Movement (tho, that substantially implies that you are using Low Luck, but that is definitely not clear).

    On the "attacking 2 times per round", here I guess you are looking at the fact that submarines attack (and defend) separately from other units.

  • @Cernel Oooohhhh....ok I see. Thanks for letting me know this. It would have been helpful to have that in notes or something as that changes everything. Thank you too beelee for your reply.

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