Ship Sharing optional setting at game start up.

  • Hi folks, just another CrazyIvan idea here. What about getting a pair of optional settings included in the game creation screen, where we can choose to either keep or reject the sharing of carriers and/or transports?

    I just played a game of World War II Classic, and it was awkward and troublesome having a mixed nationality fleet getting in each other's way, with ground troops in excess of whatever nation I was currently playing boarding an allies transport, and then suffering all the joys that that entails...

    So, can we get a pair of options, that would enable us to play a game where no nation could land fighters on any carriers not their own? And no nation could board any transports not their own?

    This would make mixed fleets a far easier/less cumbersome feature, as you wouldn't have to worry about accidentally boarding/landing on the wrong ship.

    Additionally, this would help balance the game a bit in the case of Germany, so the UK/USA couldn't so easily stack up a huge fleet and force their way into the ground war in Europe.

    This is how I would see this in the GUI:

    Anyone interested in doing a few 1st turns in a PBEM/Forum kinda playtest, where I am Germany and they are the Allies? Just looking to play first round Germany, against their first turn allies. This isn't the right place to ask for this, but not sure where is, so perhaps a kind soul can reply and tell me where to post such a request for a playtest?

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    @CrazyIvan I have not played Classic in so long I kinda forget how the engine works but you might want to try World War II V3 1941. (Anniversary Edition Map) Shared fleets work better in V3/Global rules.

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