[Open/Need More Info] Need help: Error: GC overhead limit exceeded

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    Hi Community,

    we got the following error message during gameplay:

    Error: GC overhead limit exceeded
    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

    Okay, tsvg-file is approx. of 15mb size. But, playing for some 50+ rounds.

    How may I handle the error?

    Thanks in advance for your support.


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    @vicvictory I'm not sure of what I'm saying, so if a developer can please chime in, I believe you hit the maximum RAM, either what your terminal can handle or what TripleA limits you to.

    If you hit the maximum of RAM that your terminal can give you, you need to either get a new terminal, upgrade your terminal or somehow clean or tweak your terminal, as to free more RAM for TripleA.

    If, as I suspect from the fact that I infer you both are hitting it, you hit the maximum of RAM that TripleA limits you to use, you may want to increase such limit, as per what detailed here:

    1. Go to your TripleA installation directory.
    2. Open the TripleA.vmoptions file.
    3. Change the -Xmx<amount> to an appropriate value

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    @Cernel Thank you very much, Cernel. I'll try and check if it's working that way.

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