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  • Im sorry, but I just sign up in Reddit. Do not quite know how to use this. Just was interested in knowing if people is interested in discussing strategy and other things about the LoTR map. I am no veteran in Axis&Allies, Chaturbate only played the map twice as Evil against medium AI and did not find it easy. Very hard as Moria and Isengard to control Freefolks and Elves. Might need to be more expansionist with them in the beginng although Isengard has very limited space and resources to grow and the siege of Lorien is painful to Moria. Xvideos Xnxx

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  • @josephdetor When I first started playing the scenario I didn't think it was possible for the Evil faction to win. But found the strategies that work.

    First off.. I find that the 'Fast' AI setting is the hardest, so if that what you are calling Medium.. try playing against Hard AI first... and really if you haven't beat Easy.. do that. I base that on my 'best finish' for Victory conditions against the good faction. I beat easy in 10 turns, Hard in 11, Fast in 13

    To win with the evil faction you have to use all the sides in concert and be patient....

    For Saurman, I usually take westford and Fanghorn in Turn 1 and hit S. Mirkwood for 1 round to weaken it a bit. This causes you to lose pretty much all your units, but also greatly weakens the offensive ability of Rohan. On Turn 2 with the 2 Uraks still in Dol Goldur, I'll grab two neutral spots and just build at Isengard to occasionally take Westford/Fanghorn back and keep my focus on not being conquered... if you lose Isengard, the game gets tough. There are more conservative routes but this is my usual for them.

    For Mordor.. I focus on putting enough pressure out of Dol Goldur to help Rhun stay alive, and push WITH Haradrim towards Gondor through the E/W Osg. ... You also want Mordor (or Haradrim) to capture as much PU as possible. Turn 1.. I purchase 1 ogre, 2 siege, 2 orc. I attack N. Ithilen with 1 orc, and S. Ithilen with everyone in Minus Morgul.. I take dagorlad with the 2 orcs in udun... move all orcs to Minas morgul and Nazguls.. in the north, I move all troops to take S. Mirkwood.... I place all troops in Minus morgul this round.... Round 2.. I will purchase 1 ogre, 2 seige 3 orc... I take S. Gondor with 1 orc and a Nazgul, (N. Ithilen as well if needed), and I will take E. Osg. with everything I can get there. In Mirkwood, I retreat all my troops to Dol Guldor and leave either an orc or Seige to stop any blitz... I place 2 orc, 2 seige in Dol Guldor.. the rest in Minas Morgul

    For Goblins, Turn 1.. I buy 1 ogre, 2 stabbers, 1 shooter. I will take Eregion with 1 shooter.. Anduin West bank with 1 stabber from N. Caves, Gladden with a Warg from Dol Guldor, W. Mirk with 3 wargs from Dol Guldor and 1 bat (N. caves).. land it in S. Mirk... Wargs in Isengard I will take either Fangorn or Westfold back.. and use the bat from Moria to support (land in isengard)... I take all troops from S. Caves to Celebran.. all remaining troops from N. Caves to Drimrill Dale, and all troops from Moria I split between Celebran/Drimrill Dale to even up the forces. Place 1 stabber/shooter in N. Caves, and the ogre, stabber in moria. For turn 2 a similar buy of 1 ogre, and a split of stabber/shooters.. I will retake Eregion with N. caves guys and 1 stabber from Moria and maybe the isengard bat... Carrok I take with the West back Stabber, gladden warg and S. Mirk bat (land in w. Bank) I may try to take Wold/Fanghorn/East bank.. if they aren't too strongly fortified.. but the main attack is Lorien.. I send in at least 35 PU.. usually enough.. but it is good to win that one decisively.

    Haradrim.. I will buy 1 oliphant and 2 IN. I move all navy to Umbar Penninsula coast.. 1 IN from N. HaradWaith to debatable land, 1 In from N. haradwaith to Harad road.Oliphant to S. ithilien.. all troops from Harad Road to S. Ithilen.. all corsairs from Minas Morgul to S. Ithilen.. with 2 Oliphants attack E. Osg. for 1 round.. non-combat move all troops from City of Corsairs to Umbar.. and move Umbar's oliphant to S. Ithilen. Round 2.. same purchase... move all navy to Umbar coast.. load 1 IN from Umbar to a caravel.. move caravel to S. Gondor Coast and take the empty island of Tolfolas... move the IN from Debatable land and Harad Road to S. Ithilen... move all S. Ithilen troops to Mordor owned E. Osg... and if W. Osg. Def PU is less than 24... do at least 1 round attack to W. Osg. (don't lose any Oliphant.)

    Rhun.. one of the key factions because if they lose you are done... turn 1 I buty 4 IN... I take S. Rhovanion and S. E. Rhovanion with 1 IN each and move the war chariots from Udun to S. Rhovanion. If the elves did not reinforce the Iron hills.. I take them.. but they usually do. So.. I send 2 IN, 1 WarChar, 1 Archer to N. Dale from N. Rhun.. 1 IN, 1 Archer to S. Dale... 1 IN to E. Rhovanion.. and a war char, archer, and 2 In to Celdium... non-combat I move the 3 Wararch from S.Rhun to E. Rhovanion. Rd 2.. I buy 1 Treb, 1 WarArch, 4 IN.. Harder to predict what needs hit, but I will usually take back S. Mirkwood, N. Rhun and either S. Dale or Celdurin...

    Khand.. I use Khand just to clear out areas to create buffers.. rd 1 I buy two Calvary... I move my 2 Cal and 1 wolf from the capital to S. Ithilen.. ( I don't take E. Osg.. save it for Mordor) I move the 3 Raiders from S. Khand to Khand. Rd 2.. I buy 2 Calvary.. I may take N. ithilen or Anorien with a cal and wolf if possible.. otherwise I park everyone in E. Osg. until they can be used.

    Round 3.. For Sauramon, Goblins I work to maintain position and keep the capitals safe... Mordor will take W. Osg.... Haradrim will reinforce.. and push further north in mirkwood.. putting 4 new troops in Dol Goldur every round. With the Haradrim Navy I will take out Belfalas, Lamedon with caravels and one IN.. and load up all the troops in Umbar and take out the Skeletons in Lebenim.... with Rhun.. I continue to battle back dale/dwarves... Khand supports north or against Gondor as needed.

    Round 4.. should be able to take/hold Anorien with force... you stay here and pick off E. Emnet or Eastford as you can.. try to get haradrim a city up north and build your force to take out MinasTirith

    From here you should be in a good spot to finish it up. I do find the computer AI seems to cheat.. they need a 1 to hit and will roll it while your guys only miss on 6.. and seem to roll it. This happens an inordinate amount of times and can swing the battle.... let me know how these moves work for you

  • I was curious if anyone has found a practical use of the Balrog for the Goblins?

    In games I have played I have never felt they could afford one until after the fall of Rivendell.. or at points when the game is already decided.

    Awesome unit,...

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