[Open] Still problems with "Empire"

  • Unit movement on this map is only possible with generals leading the troops. But after one move my generals are unable to move in another turn. Is there a trick, a special rule or anything to make them move again? Or is ist just a bug?
    Did anyone alread play "Imperium"?

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    @kommod I made a few multiplayers game back when this map happened to work (maybe in; maybe before), but I'm not a very big fan of it, and I'm not sure if I would play it again.

    This broken map is just trying to do something that I don't believe it is supported, meaning having only one movement phase. Theorically, in the combat movement phase you would be allowed to make only combat movements, so even generally moving in the game (as you can do) relies on the absence of support of intended restrictions.

    This map can be somewhat fixed, or rather hacked into working as intended, but the real question would be if the developers want to organically support games with single movement phases (meaning having only one movement phase, both for combat and non combat movements).

    To be brief, as now the issue is that you are supposed to have combat movement and, then, non combat movement, with this second one resetting your movement abilities; lacking it, you don't get the reset. This could be addressed with steps, but the main question is if the developers want to support something actually working like this, because, for example, if, then, someone would implement the restrictions about not doing non combat movements during combat movement, then this map would end up definitely broken.

    So, at the end, the question is if the developers want to consistently support (custom) games having a single movement phase; then we would need to update PoS2 accordingly, telling how to do that (since now you are supposed always having both combat movement and non combat movement, in this order); then it would make sense fixing this game, as well.

  • It is easier to modify the XML then to change TripleA. The non-combat phase is largely superfluous on a scenario without aircraft, but it doesn't cause a problem.

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    @RogerCooper Yes, but what I'm saying is that needs to be supported (if wanted), because, per correct rules, you are supposed to use Combat Movement to only do combat related movements. So now the ability to do most moves during Combat Movement is actually something that works for lack of support; so it doesn't really make sense to base a game on this (beside the fact that here the problem is the lacking reset movement because of the missing Non Combat Movement phases, that itself could be adressed with steps).

    So, it is up to the developers if they want to actually support games with a single movement phase, for both Combat and Non Combat Movements together. Otherwise what; do we fix this game based on something that works as it shouldn't?

    That is the problem when you have the rules that are such and the engine that is such; mapmakers will do games based on the engine behaviour, rather than on the rules. Then maybe someone fixes the engine, and those maps break down.

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