does the AI have a bonus to income or die rolling at hard level?

  • does the AI have a bonus to income or die rolling at hard level? what is the difference between easy, fast and hard AI?

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    No: no AI use cheats.
    Some maps, like Napoleonic Empires and a few, tho sneak into the game some AI bonuses default, so be sure to check your Map Options (hopefully all those maps will soon have such defaults removed, so anyone is sure to be playing with no AI cheats default, in any case, on all PvP maps).

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    @grandviceroy None of the AIs have any bonus to income or dice. The difference between them is the algorithms the AI uses and how long it takes for its turn. Easy AI is really bad in general and just kind of randomly moves units around. Fast and Hard AI are similar but Hard AI uses the battle calculator to help determine battle odds so its turns end up taking longer but it performs better.

    I would recommend starting against Easy AI then moving to Fast AI then Hard AI. Once you can easily beat Hard AI then many maps offer ways to give the AI income bonuses in the 'Map Options' popup.

  • @redrum When is the next major stable going to be released. I have a lot of PvE maps to update.. but not until we get the code stabilized. I dont want to keep changing the code such as AI_Russia... etc. When I do update... gonna streamline, simplify, and add elegance where possible, and maybe drop some features the AI can't deal with.

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    @Zim-Xero We are looking to put out the next stable within the next few weeks. There isn't too many AI logic updates but I've recently been reworking AI bonuses and default/hidden players:

    If you have requests/input into things you'd like to see added/changed, please comment in that thread.

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    To be clear, I just meant I would have no / remove all AI bonuses default on the pure PvP maps. I wasn't talking about the maps having also an AI component (either AI Challenges or hybrid PvP+AI, like "Age of Tribes : Primeval" or "Total Ancient War").

    Of course, the maps meant to be played with AI should have bonuses, but, especially considering that you can never be sure what the developers will do with the engine, maybe it might be the wisest to, either:

    1- Just do a balanced map in that case too, and just be sure to tell the gamers that they are supposed to give bonuses to all or some AI players.

    2- Not relying on standard Income bonuses at all, but do it with triggers, giving units / income / etc., as that would be the safest, and would allow to, then, use the bonuses on top on it, from default values.

    3- Relying on no bonuses at all, but just on a purposely unbalanced starting setup.

    But the cases 2 and 3 are still challenging. Simple example: You make a very challenging / closely balanced "AI Challenge" map, then a developer improves the AI a lot, and that map becomes just unwinnable.
    Ideally, if the AI would be about as good as the best players, perfectly supporting whatever features, the conceptual difference between what is a "PvP" and what is an "AI Challenge" map would just disappear, but, of course, noone is expecting that.

    Just a bunch of general opinions.

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