What/when was your longest live nonstop TripleA single game (finished or not)?

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    Yesterday 2019/06/19, in between of days 19 and 20 had my longest continuous game of TripleA till date. I played with Guerrilla for more than 16 hours without taking a break at all, and we didn't even finish the game (reached round 25 of the new version my 270BC 40% variant). It was me asking to stop, as he would have kept playing on.

    EDIT: We just played for another 9 hours and saved at round 34 (still going). So now it is over 25 hours for the game itself.

    EDIT: I surrendered that game just now (2019/07/09) on round 37. So far the longest game I had.

    So I was wondering who else happens to play a same game live for a very long time, either finishing it or saving it for later, and what was your longest single game playtime without interruptions ever (immediate reloads due to crashes or whatever don't count as interruptions).

  • Once I gamed World War II Global 1940 with KurtGodet for almosty 19 hours or more without a break; after that I couldn't move my articulations without a pain for the next 3 days. It almost was my last Global game! I do prefer shorter games 😉 @Cernel

  • non - Triple A I played a cruel rpg game called Eternal Lands and I started and I wanted my character to not kill animals so it only killed monsters at low levels (never saw anyone else do that) and I stayed awake 70 hours to finally level and kill my first goblin.... but for Triple A yous got me cuz I don't think I ever had a match longer than 15 hours but cool this game rocks for cool matches

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