Which Map has Option: West Canada no Atlantic SZ?

  • Can anyone tell me which regular WWII classic map version has the Map Option (or regular play) for Western Canada not having access to an Atlantic sea zone?

    I'm sure I've played it before, but I d/l a few versions and haven't found it. thanks!

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    @Sculpt The (silly) connection between West Canada and East Canada Sea Zone has been removed since "World War II Classic 3rd Edition".

    However that game got, thereafter, updated into "Classic: Iron Blitz 3rd Edition" (sort of a 3.1 edition) (still not having that connection). The only default difference here, as far as I know, is that you can also purchase destroyers and marines (those destroyers don't have any special abilities, by the way).

    However, this change has not been adressed at a skin level, meaning that the map of those games is just the same as classic (so, visually, it rather looks like a missing connection bug, but it is actually the skin being wrong and outdated).

    Hope this helps. You can just download all maps from the repository, then search for the games' names I mentioned, in your selection list.

  • Do you mean "World War II Classic 3rd Edition" doesn't connect West Canada and East Canada Sea Zone? Because my (last month) download of it has them connected (notes read "Version: 2.0" of map). And I just opened "Classic: Iron Blitz 3rd Edition" (reads "Version: 2.0") and it also has them connected.

    And neither of them have a Map Option for the disconnection.

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a pest. Maybe I need to d/l those from a certain location, or otherwise there's a certain version that removed that connection. Do you have a link? Thanks!

    I agree it's a silly connect between the two. Something I discovered when AI-Britain bombed my Jap fleet in US Westcoast SZ from Great Britain; which is "wholly unrealistic" so to speak.

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    @Sculpt Not for me. Did you just look at the map or did you, for example, try to load the infantry in West Canada into the transport in East Canada Sea Zone? Can you upload a save game?

    As I said, the skin is wrong, meaning that map is visually bugged. Either ways, you should open a bug report about that (preferably in GitHub), as those games (or rather their maps) should not have and not display such connection.

    Regarding having it as an option, that is not really possible in TripleA, in a clean and clear way.

  • Oh! I'm sorry, I misunderstood your post. I got ya now. The map still displays the connection, but it shouldn't allow the connection/movement of the two zones. OK. I'll try it out and confirm with these two maps in particular. thanks!

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    @Sculpt Yeah. Actually, the notes say that there is not that connection. Anyways, it is definitely unpolished, or rather a visual bug, especially considering that is a game of a high quality map. I doubt anyone is going to fix WWIIv1, especially since this matter would imply either trashing or remaking the graphical map details (and, of course, deleting those two games' xml from the World War II Classic map, making a new map for them both), but probably the matter should be tracked via a bug report, at least.

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    @Cernel A simple graphical addition to the map could solve the problem from a visual standpoint, without having to redraw the map or make any compatibility issues.

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