Which Map has Option: West Canada no Atlantic SZ?

  • Can anyone tell me which regular WWII classic map version has the Map Option (or regular play) for Western Canada not having access to an Atlantic sea zone?

    I'm sure I've played it before, but I d/l a few versions and haven't found it. thanks!

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    @Sculpt The (silly) connection between West Canada and East Canada Sea Zone has been removed since "World War II Classic 3rd Edition".

    However that game got, thereafter, updated into "Classic: Iron Blitz 3rd Edition" (sort of a 3.1 edition) (still not having that connection). The only default difference here, as far as I know, is that you can also purchase destroyers and marines (those destroyers don't have any special abilities, by the way).

    However, this change has not been adressed at a skin level, meaning that the map of those games is just the same as classic (so, visually, it rather looks like a missing connection bug, but it is actually the skin being wrong and outdated).

    Hope this helps. You can just download all maps from the repository, then search for the games' names I mentioned, in your selection list.

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