[Fixed] battle calc not accounting for limited bombards

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    @redrum Is that excluding units that have no transport cost?

    Another minor case in which you would be allowed to battlecalculate something impossible is that you could have a battle in which there are marine units that are not using the marine bonus (cause you didn't check it) but are allowing ships to bombard. This could be addressed by excluding all marine units (like in the above example of non-sea-transportable units) from granting bombard ability, if the check is missing, but I think it would be strange if that check does that for marines, while nothing like that influences the other units (and most likely it would also confuse people, not expecting such a behaviour); so this goes basically back to the matter that you cannot define what units were offloaded and what not, that is maybe not sensible to address, as the user would rather set himself the battleships to the right number, by rules, than somewhat defining what is being offloaded (if it would be possible, in some ways).

    Maybe going off topic, I want to underline that this issue, or rather the pointless ability of calculating for impossible bombard situations, is also present since the basic Classic (v1), as you can battlecalculate for battles with only air units and naval bombard, or, for custom maps, with non-transportable land units, instead. Really, all rulesets factually have a "Shore Bombard Per Ground Unit Restricted", except that, rather than Boolean, that should have been infinite for v1 and v2 (1 offloaded unit grants infinite shore bombards) and equal to 1 for v3 onwards (if this would have been done this way, you could have also had custom maps setting it to some other natural numbers).

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    @Cernel No, its checking for all land units. I'm not even aware of any maps that have mobile combat units with no transport cost.

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    Nice work! 🙂

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