Japan to Defends Atlantic Strategy

  • Hi All, I'm brand new to this forum but I have a strategy that has worked for me pretty well lately and I wanted to share with you to get your thoughts. I've been experimenting with new way to play japan (mostly against the computer). The strategy is for Japan to get its fleet into the Atlantic to prevent the US from sending troops into the Europe and Africa. This only really works with 2-hit battleships.

    1. first move is to send everything to take Pearl Harbor..A carrier, Sub, transport with 2 troops, 2 battleships and a plane or two.
    2. kill the remainder of the US fleet if they are in range. Otherwise Move to Panama and take it.
    3. Move fleet through canal and sit outside New York. Hold this space for as long as possible.

    I've found that, at least against the computer's hardest setting, that it's almost impossible to defeat the fleet, and Germany can focus most of its power against Russia.

    Does this variation work in live games?

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    Hi sgcarney and Welcome to the site ! Which game are you referring to ?

  • @sgcarney The AI does not understand how to defeat a large fleet off its coast. A human player would simply build fighters to drive them away or reinforce its fleet before the Japanese get close.

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