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    I am enjoying the different versions of World at War but I am finding that the AI buys mostly the defense unit. And for good reason, it's cheap and it will move the unit one movement which I know is against the rules but it doesn't.🙂 I was wondering if there was a way to make buying the defense unit an option from the start of the game or a way to eliminate it all together or if there are other options.

  • When it comes to the AI, this is a huge question since the AI dev redrum made a purchasing algorithm which he tweaked a couple times I'm sure and I even suggested on a certain map that the AI buy more Infantry and less Artillery ... so I'm not sure the exact theory to redrum's final AI purchasing algorithm but I do feel redrum is close to getting it right since the AI is quite formidable now!

    As far as your question I'm sure there's a way to make changes to the AI's purchases but can you be sure they will inevitably improve or hinder the Ai

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    yea you should be able to make a "map option" that would turn it on or off before game start. If you wanted it to be player/alliance specific, then you'd need to make more than one.

  • I was wondering if someone, who is capable(I'm certainly not), would be interested in making the buying of defense units optional. I do think that it would greatly increase the game-play of the AI. Or could someone tell me how I could eliminate the defense unit altogether for my game playing against the AI.

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    Got a couple things to finish up and i'll take a look. I'm guessing we'd need an option to get rid of the defense unit for each nation since AI could be any of them. Does the defense unit have a specific name ? Not real familiar with WAW, though I played NWO several times years ago.

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    I would appreciate that. It's WAW v3 variant and its called simply "defense".

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    here's a sendspace link that you can dl and put in you downloadedMaps folder in triplea. you'll need to 86 the other one. It has option for no defense or by axis/allies .

    Sneaking Coward is shown as the map owner at git so you'd need to contact him about adding it to the mod.

    Also the "Map details" don't show the better look that WaW has. It'd be nice to add those too.

    Anyway, you should be able to use this in local mode, unless I screwed up heh heh

    And if you're not familiar with sendspace, just do the bare minimum, create bunk account etc...and it'll showup in yourDLs. Their way of making money is all. Nothing wrong with that : )

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    I want to thank beelee for taking the time to make the "no defense unit " an option in WAW v3 variant. Sorry that it's taken me a while to try it out.
    Now that I have, I have to say that it made a huge difference in how the AI purchased units and therefore it improved the gameplay.

    Before, with the defense unit available as a purchase, the AI mostly bought the defense unit and a few infantry and some artillery and armor.
    With the "no defense" option, on the first round alone, the AI purchased infantry, artillery, armored car, armor, paratroopers, a carrier, sea transport, dive fighters, a bomber and a few big bombers.

    This, of course, makes the game much more enjoyable.
    The AI still has a few issues complying with the rules of the game but all-and-all it's a big improvement.
    Thanks again for your time and effort. ☺

  • ok well that is interesting to me and if redrum decides to have the default AI use your "no defense unit" option then let me know and I will battle the latest AI which I felt is strong but perhaps this makes it stronger? yes or no?

  • @Captain-Crunch
    I'm specifically referring to the WAW v3 variant game when I am saying that the AI plays a much better game without the "defense" unit . I assume that the same thing would occur with the other WAW variants that have the "defense" unit.

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