Fixed Game of Thrones Map Bug

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    @redrum Of course, cutting production by probably about 40% (as per rounding up) would be for reducing units accumulation overtime, especially assuming this would be played the Feudal Japan way (only other way would be finding 11 people to play with).

    I also want to point out that this map suffers the v1 naval bombardment inconsistency issue. As otherwise the ruleset is currently Classic, the fact that naval bombardment behaves as Revised is likely to be unintended. I firstly reported this thing that I believe to be a bug (even tho I cannot affirm it, as I would need a reference that categorically states that the TripleA default is supposed to be Classic in all cases):

    This may be one of those cases that need the fix in the xml, as per what Veqryn said:

    I will change this on each xml that we find that needs it.
    Unfortunately for backwards compatibility, and to avoid unintended side effects, I will not change the default behavior in the engine or rename the property.
    Can you help me find all the maps that need changing, besides the ones in the Classic and Classic variations zips?

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    @redrum said in Fixed Game of Thrones Map Bug:

    @wc_sumpton All good. You did most of the work. I just fixed a few small errors and cleaned up the notes a bit more.

    Then I guess his thread could be considered the current official one for this map?

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    @Cernel Yeah, can probably repurpose that thread to be the official one and should probably move the conversation there since this was really about fixing some of the bugs in the map.

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