AI Interesting Moves and Points of Improvement on Revised

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    Played against AI on revised - @redrum it was pretty fun and some challenge : )

    There were a few interesting moves and some adjustments that could have made the AI stronger. Save game attached and below called out some of the interesting moves made.


    Round 1: Germany uses a tank to capture archangel. There is only a single 50/50 change that it'll be an even trade assuming the tank can kill an infantry while on the defensive. Meanwhile AI then loses the tactical advantage of having a tank near the front line. Attacking the lone tank is a good trade for russia provided the air power and can do so with better than a 50/50 chance of winning.

    Round 2: Japan lost Manchuria with a factory in round 1 against improbable odds. Instead of retaking in round 2, it attacks Buryatia

    Round 3: Germany does SBR in Karelia instead of attacking BeloRussia with one infantry and bomber.

    Round 5: Japan buys an AA gun even though there are no bombers in range

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    @LaFayette Thanks for the feedback and showing no mercy to the AI with the full map paint! Here are some responses:

    Round 1: Yeah, this is a tough one. I actually usually make that move with the tank myself and see a decent number of good players do it. While you probably lose a little bit of TUV initially you force Russia to use units/planes in another place. Another way to think about this as well is if you make Archangel worth 3 or 4 instead of 2 then it would probably be a no brainer to capture with a tank which I think shows how close this type of move is. I prefer the AI be a bit over aggressive rather than not take enough territories and this is difficult to perfectly balance across maps given different territory and unit values.

    Round 2: Yeah, that's really bad and geez you had quite some luck round 1/2. I think most Axis players would rage quit if they had the openings that germany and japan did 🙂 This has to do with the AI trying to attack too many territories and ends up aborting 1 of the attacks and in this case it was Manchuria (not a good choice). I'll take a closer look at this.

    Round 3: Agree. This one has to do with the AI wanting to attack Western Europe and Algeria so it deprioritizes other attacks. Then it decides it can't get quite enough units to attack Algeria and aborts that attack. Some of this behavior is caused by dice rather than LL which causes more randomness in the AI. But this is a good turn to train the AI on as there are lots of places it can attack.

    Round 5: The AA gun logic is pretty poor. It tends to be overly conservative and in this case sees the UK fighter in Caucasus as a potential threat where it could lose say Sinkiang or another territory within landing range of bombing Kwangtung. This could be improved a bit but not as high priority IMO compared to your examples in Round 2/3.

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    @redrum another test game attached: vs_ai.tsvg

    AI had some pretty good play. Eventually Japan blundered in round 5 effectively handing the game to allies. AI could have made some other good moves, notes below:

    Round 1: Germany allows 2 AA to be in Germany, it may as well move the AA to eastern europe or to Balkans

    Round 2: single tank attack at likely negative net PU. Could conquer West Russia with tank and then retreat

    Round 4: germany used 2 tanks to attack Karelia, bad trade-off as UK can take the units. Losing 10 PU for max likely trade of 8 PU (Germany kills one infantry (+3), territory capture (+2), and likely kills one infantry on defense (+3))

    Round 4: Germany non-combat, moves big tank stack without infantry cover

    Round 4: Japan leaves undefended AA gun in India

    Round 5: 2 tanks and bomber attack archangel, should probably be one tank

    Round 5: BLUNDER: Japan divides fleet and loses most of it to a 99% combat with +60 TUV expected for Americans.

    Round 8: 2 tanks taking siankang, excessive.

    Round 11: Germany retake of Western europe with 1 arty and 2 figs. Should use 2 infantry with figs.

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