are there any good tutorials on making my own map/game

  • I do like the Domination 1914 blood and steel option, however, one thing I don't get is why infantry is an option as a unit but why Austria for example can only buy conscripts.

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    @Windrunner21 Blood And Steel is a spin-off of the intermediate version of what would eventually become Weltpolitik, albeit passing through several hands, so I don't even know if that should be regarded as superseded entirely. From what you are saying, you are definitely aiming at doing complex stuff, and I still think that, in this case, you are rather better off starting for Weltpolitik, trying to understand that by reading its xml, etc., while learning from what @redrum linked, especially pos2, then modifying Weltpolitik in your direction. It won't be easy, but I think starting from NML, then trying to achieve what you said, would be harder.

  • Ok thank you. How do I open the XML?

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    @Windrunner21 The xml are in the games folder, inside the map folder. Better you unzip the whole map first. You need to use a text/code reader/editor. There are a lot of them free online. I can tell you notepad is not good, if you are on windows, as it cannot read the line breaks TripleA maps use, apparently.

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    @Windrunner21 Here is where all your currently downloaded maps should be located...


    From there what you want to do is copy any of the maps you want to examine and paste them somewhere else on your computer. I personally just made a folder on my desktop called Triple A related.

    Once you have all the maps in the new folder you should unzip them so that it is easier to access all the sub folders inside each one.

    Once you have a map folder unzipped it will look like this...

    Map folder2.png

    The XML is inside the Games folder. (Note if the map has more than one game variants you will see mulptile XMLs inside).

    As far as opening the XML you want to use Notepad or some other reader program.

    I personally use Notepad++ that I downloaded free.

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