Linux: Which distribution are you running TripleA with?

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    OK, I admit that I worded the topic of the title to prevent from being totally off-topic here on our forum 😉

    This is what is behind my question:
    I am seriously considering to abandon Windows in favour of Linux so I have already tested about 15 different distributions during the last weeks. I am not a total Linux-noob (actually my first steps happened more than 20 years ago with SUSE 5) but I have never been consequent enough to go productive with it.

    Now - as I know that some of you use Linux - I am simply curious about what distribution you are using.

    PS Installing and running TripleA (pre-releases) would be certainly a criterion - but I have not experienced any problems during my tests.

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    @Panther I believe now a days Chrome OS is technically the most popular personal linux distro but for a more "robust" option, I'd probably say Ubuntu is 2nd.

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    @redrum Chrome OS on Chromebooks with native Linux support or with Crouton? Is that what you are using?
    I am familiar with Chrome OS on my Chromebooks, but never considered it for replacing Windows on my desktop/notebook...
    I focussed more on DistroWatch when searching for alternatives.

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    @Panther I don't use either as I use Windows 10 🙂

    But generally, I believe the majority of Chrome OS is Chromebooks not full desktops and I don't think I'd ever choose to install Chromium OS on my PC. I'd probably go with Ubuntu personally but when it comes to linux flavors I think its more about what you are comfortable with and if there are certain things you are looking for since they are all a little different.

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