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    Realize following is un-Orthdox but have to bring it on anyway.


    CP Victory Conditions turn 53:
    Marginal CP Victory conquer 1 allied power
    Substantial CP Victory conquer 2 allied powers
    Total CP Victory conquer 3 allied powers

    Marginal Allied Victory; Revolution in Germany and Austria by turn 53
    Substantial Allied Victory; Revolution in Germany and Austria by turn 49
    Total Allied Victory; One CP capital conquered by turn 53

    If no side achieves any victory or both the same, it is a draw.

    Turn 3-4: Land units attacking German/Austrian/French/British(including Cairo) in Europe are halved.
    Turn 5-28: Land units attacking German/Austrian/French/British(including Cairo)/American in Europe are quartered and halved against Russians/Italians(not germans)/British(ME)/Turks/Germans(Africa).
    Turn 29-40: Land units attacking German/Austrian/French/British(including Cairo)/American in Europe are halved.

    Land units attacking Tsingtao are quartered but only 2 inf Germans can be built there, period.
    If a land force are composed of half or more German/Austrian/French/British/American it counts as such.
    No British naval attacks are allowed turn 1.

    There are 3 worsening UNREST conditions. Only one step downwards per turn if 6 or more are rolled.
    Severe War Fatigue (25 % less income)
    Social Uprising (50 % less income and every 6:th land unit deserts)
    Revolution (Game over)

    Beginning turn 23 Russia rolls for UNREST if Warsaw is CP occupied. If Revolution is reached remaining Russian territories are permanently neutral for rest of the game.

    +1 DRM if US is in the War
    +1 DRM for every 3:rd Russian territory CP controlled
    +1 DRM if Crimea is CP controlled
    +3 DRM if one Russian Capital is CP controlled

    Beginning turn 41 Germany and Austria rolls for UNREST if Africa(with Cairo), India, Pacific are Allied and both income and TUV are 25 % or more than CP.

    +1 DRM if Russia and US are both in the War
    -1 DRM if neither Russia or US are in the War
    +1 DRM if the other CP have Severe War Fatigue
    +2 DRM if the other CP have Social Uprising
    +1 DRM if Revolution in Russia.
    +1 DRM if Allied income and TUV are 50 % more than CP

    British/French/Turks can shoot fly-over with AA from turn 5 and Italian/Russian from turn 15.
    Only Germans can build Zeppelins until turn 15.
    Russia/Italy can build fighters/AA from turn 5.

    US gets 60 UP more when entering the War.
    Britain gets a permanent increase of 25 UP turns 4,8,12,16,18,24. End income is 225 UP.

    Eastern Rebellion: Turn 20 2 X D6 is rolled for all British land units on Western Front. 36 eliminates the unit. D6 British infantry are sent pacifying Ireland for the duration of the war.

    Arab Rising: From turn 23 Britain gets one extra cavalry per Arabian income (Yemen, Hejaz, Sinai, Palestine, Syria, Baghdad, Basra, al-Hasa, Kuwait) at start of turn. Additionally Britain gets extra cavalry at the end of the first turn of capture of these territories.

    If any of these suggestions are included in an update of the map I would be extremely grateful.


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    @hale Looks like most of these rules are not something players can self-enforce, but would require changes to the map (or more realistically making a variant), so I'm moving this to "Maps & Mods".

    Anyways, good luck, but being Great War a high quality map currently not owned (and rarely played), it is going to be tough getting any gamechanging updates accepted (up to @redrum or @Lafayette).

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