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  • Awesome! I will definitely use that - many thanks!

    On a side note, I seem to be having an issue getting the "required_your_turn_series_[nation]" sound files to play at all...They play great on Dragon War, so I copied those to just test on my map, but they won't play. I even tried renaming the mp3 files so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there another option or switch somewhere else maybe?

  • Seems I may have found something...from another post where you mentioned fake steps...going to try that out now!

  • Admin

    @Michael-Hoover Yes, two players in a row, controled by you will not play, unless there is something a nother player does in between. If this is not your problem:

    Maybe you have several directories/copies of your map. Maybe one zip and one in dir? Maybe you have one on your desktop and edited files in that copy and not in the actual playable one in maps dir?

    Maybe files have no surname/file type name like .mp3? Or is actually called xxx.mp3.mp3 ?

    Try to keep files names with no capital letters.

    Anyway, in my warcraft map I use this for Human player:
    This play a random file of the start of the collection.

  • Thanks for the advice. I must be missing something simple so I'll keep cracking at it.

  • @Frostion - thank you for all the advice on sounds. I finally have everything lined out thanks to your tips and tricks! I'll be updating Twelve Clans later with music and sounds. 😁

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